Frequently asked questions

Q) What does my progression decision mean?

  • PP (Pass ProgressAt least 90 credits passed and at least 120 credits completed. All required modules identified as 'must pass' in the Course Specification passed.
    • You will now progress on to your next academic year.
  • PR (Conditional ProgressionAt least 60 credits passed and at least 120 credits completed. All required modules identified as 'must pass' in the Course Specification passed.
    • You will now progress on to your next academic year. Please note that you will have to re-take any failed modules (maximum of 30 credits).
  • RL (Remain at Level) Cannot progress as PR but at least 30 credits passed.
    • You will not progress on to your next academic year and will need to repeat your failed modules.
  • FD (Fail Discontinue)You have passed less than 30 credits
    • Student’s status shall be terminated (Fail Discontinue) unless evidence through mitigating circumstances procedures or a review of academic performance confirms that deferred assessment or further opportunities to repeat should be available.
    • To appeal this progression please complete an appeal form and send it to the Casework team (

If you are a student with a PR or RL progression decision and would like to change your modules you will first need approval from your Course Leader. The School Office would need to see an email from the Course Leader confirming any changes. If you are contacting your Course Leader you can CC your School Office so that we are aware of any decisions.

Q) What is 'fitness to study'?

The Fitness to Study Regulations is intended as a framework to be used by staff when a student’s ability to progress academically and function at university appears to be detrimentally affected by their health or other circumstances. 

Q) How do I appeal a decision against me?

If you are unhappy with the decision you are allowed to appeal.

Full-time undergraduate student 

As a full-time undergraduate student, the maximum credits you can be registered for in one academic year is 120 credits. Additional credits cannot clash with any existing modules registered.
When choosing an additional module be sure to check that the module does not clash with your current modules. 

Part-time undergraduate student

As a part-time undergraduate student, the maximum credits you can be registered for in one academic year is 90 credits.

As a part-time postgraduate student, the maximum credits you can be registered for in one academic year is 120.

Any amount above these will result in your mode of attendance changing to full time.

Returning student 

If you are a returning student and your progression decision is to remain at the current level (RL), you cannot add additional modules to change your mode of attendance.  

Our Admissions team are here to help you get on to a course with London Met. If you're hoping to start a new course at London Met you may get in touch with our Admissions and Course Enquiries teams

Q) What does it mean if I am "assessment only"?

As an assessment only student you are not required to attend any classes, you only need to resubmit any work for which you have received mitigating circumstances.

Q) When will I hand in my re-assessments?

Your hand in date is the "next available submission point". This is usually at the same time as those students who are taking the module in full, for example, if it is a year-long module your assignment hand in date would be in and around May. However, as the dates can vary across modules you should contact your module leader who will be able to confirm when your work is due in.

Q) If I'm not required to attend classes will I be charged a tuition fee?

No, you will not be charged a tuition fee as an assessment only student. We report to Student Finance that you are "suspended" so that any future payments from them to you are not affected. On our records, you will be recorded as an assessment only.

Q) Will I still receive my maintenance loan?

Unfortunately, as an assessment-only student, you are not eligible for the maintenance loan. Please read our Assessment Only student advice and information  leaflet for more details.

If you require further information or want to discuss more about being an assessment-only student, then please contact our Student Money and Accommodation Advice team.

If you decide that you would like to retake all of your modules then please contact your School Office. Please note, that if you decide to do this you will reject any mitigating circumstances claims and you will be charged tuition fees.

Q) Can you help me find a job?

A) Yes, our Careers and Employability Team offers a range of services to help you find employment:

  • MyCareer advertises a range of external paid opportunities, including part-time jobs, volunteer opportunities, placements and graduate roles.
  • Regular and informative employer events and activities.
  • Careers Consultants will guide you through your options and support you in making strong applications; book directly via MyCareer or by emailing the team.

Q) Can you help me find work on campus?

A) Met Temps is our internal recruitment agency, advertising temporary and part-time jobs within the university. Register for Met Temps.

If you need help you can book an appointment with a member of the Met Temps team through MyCareer.  

Q) How can I book an appointment with a Careers consultant?

A) The Careers team offer 20 minute quick query appointments which are ideal for a CV review or an initial chat or 30 minute appointments for more in-depth careers guidance. These appointments are available virtually and on campus. You can book directly via MyCareer or by emailing Careers team.

Q) What sort of Careers events do you run?

A) We run a regular programme of virtual webinars on topics including CVs, job search, interviews, psychometric testing and Linkedin. The Job Shop organises a series of events throughout the year: part-time jobs fairs, volunteering events, graduate jobs fairs and employer webinars.  

Details of all our events are posted on our Eventbrite page.

Q) Can you help me develop my skills?

A) Yes! You may use the careers portal to develop skills, develop self-awareness and build commercial awareness. MyCareer contains a range of bespoke pathways which you can work through to develop your CV, interview skills and psychometric testing abilities.

For more about the range of resources, see our website and careers portal.

Q) Can I change my seminar group?

A) Any request to change group will require authorisation from the module leader who should email your School Office directly. Group changes are not permitted after the second week of teaching unless there is a clash with another module.

If you would like to transfer to a different degree then you can complete a course transfer. In order to do this you will need to do the following:

  1. Speak with the course leader of the course you wish to transfer to. They will discuss with you whether it is possible, which year you can enter into, and which modules you will need to be registered on.
  2. Speak with our Student Money Advisors to discuss how to change your course with Student Finance and that you have enough funding to complete the course. Book and appointment. 
  3. If you have a Tier 4 visa then you will need to speak with our International Advisers ( to ensure your visa can be amended
  4. Finally, you will need to complete the Course Transfer Form and have it approved by the new course leader* (and the International team if necessary).

You may submit your completed form to your School Office, and if you have any questions please email us.

*Please note that we are unable to process course transfer requests after the May exams (from end of May until early July), as we are required to wait for results and progression decisions to be made available before we can process these requests. You may be asked to resubmit your form after you have received your final results and progression decision (usually in July, unless you have reassessments in the July assessment period).

Q) What can I do if I find that I'm unable to complete the programme of study I registered for when I enrolled for the academic year?

A) An exceptional change to programme of study is an exceptional decision agreed by the University to support students whose circumstances are such that they are unable to complete the programme of study they registered for when they enrolled for the academic year, and where the student has not applied for intermission prior to the University’s published deadline for intermission requests.

Q) Who can I speak to about applying for an exceptional change to my programme of study?

A) Before submitting an application for an exceptional change to your programme of study, you must speak with and secure approval from your Course Leader. Students must have the support of their Course Leader for a request to be considered.

If you have any queries about this process, please contact your School Office. 

Q) How can I submit an application for an exceptional change to programme of study?

A) To apply, please complete the Exceptional Change to Programme of Study Application Form, and submit your completed form to your School Office

Q) Where can I get financial advice?

A) The Student Money and Accommodation Advice team provide confidential, face-to-face drop-in sessions and appointments on a range of issues from undergraduate and postgraduate funding for Home and EU students to accommodation in student halls and private rented accommodation in London.

They offer support with making your funding application to Student Finance England or its non-UK team, and advice and help with resolving any difficulties you might have in the process with Student Finance England.

They also provide funding advice if you are considering changing, suspending, or leaving your course, and support in liaising with other University teams, for example, the Student Fees Office and the Income Section.

During the summer vacation, advisers are available for appointments at various times Monday to Friday, at Holloway Road Learning Centre and at Aldgate. You can now book an appointment with a Student Money and Accommodation Adviser online.  

Q) How do I apply for the Hardship Fund?

A)  You can apply for the hardship fund by providing all the required evidence.

Q) When and where can I hand in the Hardship Fund Application?

Completed forms can be submitted via email to your School Office.

Q) I need a new ID card?

A) Replacement ID cards can be purchased through the eshop. Please bring your receipt to your School Office and we can print you a new one. Please check our School Office pages for opening times.

If your card has been stolen, you can report it to the police and once you receive a Crime Reference Number we will issue you with a new card free of charge.

Q) My ID card isn't working?

A) This could be due to several reasons please come into your School Office and we can explore this with you. 

Q) I found my old ID card, can I have a refund for my new card?

Refunds will normally be given if you find your old ID card and inform your School Office within 2 weeks of purchasing your new ID card.  No refunds will be made after this period.

Our IT team can support many of your tech queries from downloading Microsoft Office to accessing virtual PCs. If you experience any technical difficulties at all please contact your IT team for support. You may chat with them or submit a request via the IT Self Service portal.

Q) How do I make a complaint?

If you feel that you have not received the service expected or you have been unable to get an issue resolved then you may want to consider the complaints procedure

The mitigating circumstances process is designed to assist students who have been affected by mitigating circumstances during their studies. If you are or have been unable to complete an assessment you may apply for mitigating circumstances. Please complete the mitigating circumstances form and submit this to  

Regulations regarding mitigating circumstances can be found in Section 7 of the General Student Regulations.

Each year, unless all of your modules are core, you will choose the optional modules you would like to take in your next academic year.

For full time, undergraduate students who pass all of their previous modules can choose these via eVision or their School Office.

For other students, you will be contacted by your School Office to find out which modules you would like to take.

You should refer to the course catalogue which provides details of the modules you can take on your course.  


Module Catalogue Key

  • Core - a module that you must take as part of your course
  • Option -  this is an optional module that you can choose based on your interests in your subject
  • Alt Core -  this is an alternative core module, you will always see more than one of these and you can choose between one or the other, but you must choose one of them. You can often click the "Info" to find out more about these options.
  • Aut - this module runs only in the autumn semester
  • Spr- this module runs only in the spring semester
  • Summer - this module runs only in the summer semester
  • Aut+Spr - this module runs the whole academic year from October to May
  • Spr+Sum - this module runs an academic year from February to August
  • North - this module will run from our Holloway campus
  • City -  this module will run from our Aldgate campus

If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact your School Office.

Q) How do I apply for a Student Oyster card?

A) If you are a full-time student you may be eligible for a Student Oyster card. Eligible students can save 30% on adult-rate Travelcards and Bus & Tram Pass season tickets.

You may apply for a student Oyster card via the TfL website. When you start the application you will need to create a web account. You will also need to provide a digital photo for your Student Oyster card which you can upload online. Your Student Oyster card will be sent to you once the University has approved your application.

We strongly advise that you read the terms and conditions before making your application. 

Q) Why has my Student Oyster card been cancelled?

A) If your Student Oyster card has been cancelled it may be because you no longer meet the eligibility criteria. You may have graduated from University or you may no longer be studying on a full-time basis. Students who are concerned about any cancellations can contact their School Office

If you were previously a full-time student, and have re-enrolled to complete outstanding assessments from a previous academic year you will be classed as part-time studying on a Full-time course (PTR)

This happens if your credit total is below the accepted requirement for full-time mode of study.

As a PTR student you are expected to attend all scheduled classes, submit work regularly for feedback and assessments, and engage fully with your course studies. If you were previously in receipt of Student Finance England funding then you may still be eligible for a maintenance loan, and your tuition fee will be adjusted to reflect the reduced number of modules. If you have any questions about funding, or are in receipt of Disabled Students' Allowance (DSA), you may wish to book an appointment with Student Services. 

As a PTR student you can still access the services provided by Student Services.

If you have any questions at all please do not hesitate to contact your School Office.


Q) Student Finance England (SFE) has confirmed over the phone that I will receive funding shortly, what do I do?

Please speak with our Student Money and Accommodation Advice team so they can confirm this with SFE by either attending a drop-in session or by booking an appointment.

Q) SFE have sent me written confirmation of my funding, where do I send this?

You can send a copy of your confirmation via email to our Fees team:

Continuing students re-enrol online via Evision. This means that you do not have to re-enrol in person at an enrolment session. 

You will receive an email from the University when it is time to re-enrol.

All undergraduate and postgraduate students are required to have a progression code and a complete programme of studies registered before they can re-enrol.

Q) How do I re-enrol?

  • Log into Evision using your normal University IT network account
  • You should see an in-tray on your home page
  • The 'action' part of your in-tray will contain the message 'Click here to re-enrol'
  • Click on the message and you will be taken through a series of screens
  • Please read and check the information on each screen carefully before moving on to the next one
  • Where information is missing or incorrect, please update your record accordingly
  • To update information and/or move on to the next screen, click Next
  • Please note, once you have clicked Next you will not be able to return to a previous screen
  • If you realise that you have made a mistake on a previous screen, for example, you forgot to update your address, continue re-enrolling on-line and then email us using the form to the right (or below on a mobile device) to let us know that your records need to be amended
  • Your re-enrolment will only be complete when you receive a message confirming a successful re-enrolment at the end of the process
  • You are strongly advised to complete this process in one attempt and avoid exiting the screens half way through. For most students, the process should take no more than 10 minutes
  • Help screens can be accessed via the '?' icon in the top right hand corner of the main screens, which should answer the majority of your questions

Q) Why am I not able to re-enrol right now?

If you do not see an in-tray in Evison, or if there is no message in your Evision in-tray then it may be because:

  • You have not been given a progression decision that allows you to re-enrol now.
  • You are currently suspended because you have a debt to the University.

If you have been suspended for financial reasons you will need to contact Income Collection.

If neither of these reasons apply to you, and you do not have a message in your intray and you think that you should have, please contact your School Office quoting your student ID number and the nature of the problem.

Q) I have a new job, how do I get a reference?

Standard Reference

your School Office can provide your new employer with a standard reference. Your new employer would need to contact your School Office. To provide this reference we would also require your consent to share your information.

A standard reference includes the following information:

  • Personal details such as name and date of birth
  • Degree studied
  • Dates studied
  • Degree result (if applicable)

Academic Reference

If your new employer requires more detailed information regarding more specific information such as your abilities or skills then you would need to contact an academic member of staff who can comment on this. Often this will be either your course or module leader(s). If you are unsure of their contact details then please contact your School Office.
Please note that on occasion an academic who taught you or knew you well may have left London Metropolitan, in this case your School Office will try and help you find an alternative member of staff who can support otherwise we can produce a standard reference.

If you took a break from your studies in a previous academic year, the University will write to you before the start of the next academic year to confirm your intention to return.

You must let us know if you intend to return so that your academic programme can be agreed and your student record created for the start of the semester. If you do not wish to return please let us know so a member of the team can advise you about the action you will need to take.

Your School Office can advise you during the re-enrolment process and our Student Services department can support you in a number of different areas related to your study. Before completing your re-enrolment you may want to consider; contacting our specialist Student Money Accommodation Advice team, SMAA, for finance related queries. If you were previously registered with the University Disability and Dyslexia Service (DDS) you will need to contact them to arrange a meeting with a DDS Advisor to set up your support. If you are studying on a student visa then our International Advice Team will be able to advise on international matters. 

Q) What is your School Office?

Your School Office is now your place to go for any queries you have during your time at London Met. Previously this was the Student Hub but we have now moved to specific offices for your school. We hope that this speed up any issues you have whilst you are studying with us and please know that all the services you have accessed via the Student Hub will still be available through your School Office.

We will add more information as soon as possible about your School Office.

Q) How do I contact my School Office?

Each School Office has its own individual email address. 

Please make sure you add your eight-digit student ID when contacting us as this will make it easier and quicker for us to answer your queries

School of Art, Architecture and Design -

Guildhall School of Business and Law - 

School of Computing and Digital Media - 

School of Human Sciences - 

School of Social Sciences and Professions - 

School of Built Environment -

Q) I'm not sure which school I am in, how do I find out?

There are two ways to find out:

  1. Going to the course catalogue, searching for your course and on your course page and clicking on the "Course Specification" tab.
  2. Log in to Evision and on the Welcome page you should see the school you are registered with

Q) How do I apply for student finance?

A) You can find more information about student loans on the London Met website (including tuition fees and maintenance).

You can also find guidance through the student finance section on the government website.  

Q) I haven’t received my student finance decision yet. What should I do?

A) Student finance can take a while to provide a decision – we would advise you to contact them should you urgently require an update.

Q) The Student Loan Company are now paying for my fees, how can I update this?

A) If you are now in receipt of a tuition fee loan, Student Finance will let the university know directly.

Q) Why have I not received my student finance support?

A) There could be a variety of reasons which could be;  

1. Have you been fully approved for your support as it can take up to 6 weeks to be approved? -  Once you have been approved you will receive a Notification of Entitlement letter explaining your funding

2Are you fully enrolled at London Met for the current academic year? - London Met are unable to confirm your attendance for student finance until you are fully enrolled. When you are fully enrolled confirmation will be sent that day.

3.Does the Student Loans Company have your bank details? You can update your bank details online. You can do this by logging into your student finance account and clicking on ‘Update My Profile’.

4Does the Student Loan Company have your national insurance number? Your loan cannot be paid until your national insurance number is checked with HMRC, this can take up to a week after your application is approved. 

Q) I haven't received my student loan, when will I receive it?

The Student Loans Company (SLC) release your first tuition fee loan payment after we confirm that you are fully enrolled with the University. We normally notify the SLC on the day of your enrolment and the payment then takes three working days to arrive in your bank account. If you enrolled/ re-enrolled prior to the start of the academic year then you will receive your payment on the first day of term.
If you are still experiencing issues please contact our Fees team:
If you have yet to apply for student finance and need support please book an appointment with our Student Money and Accommodation Advice Team

Q) Who can I talk to about academic advice?

You can speak with a number of people in the University, these include your course and module leaders, Academic Mentors or the Academic Liaison Librarians.

Q) What are the tuition fees for next year?

A) If you are a returning student, your fee will be displayed on Evision when you complete your re-enrolment. If you have any further queries, please contact the Fees Team ( quoting your student number at all times.

Q) What are the university details to pay by bank transfer?

A) The University can be paid easily using a bank transfer

Q) How do I change my name or other personal details on my record?

A) This can be done for you by the staff in your School Office. Evidence in the form of a marriage certificate, current and valid passport, or a deed poll certificate will be required before any changes can be made.

If you require your qualifications to be verified World Education Service (WES) then our Awards team will be able to support you.

Please contact them via email ( with your WES Verification ID and they will contact WES to verify your qualifications.

Q) I need to take a break from my course, how do I do that?

You can either take a break prior to restarting the year or partway through an academic year by completing a ‘Taking a Break’ form.

We are happy to accept advice received from SMAA, your course leader and International Advice via email rather than them completing and signing the form.


Taking a break prior to enrolment

Taking a break once enrolled

*Please note that requests to take a break for the 2021/22 academic year cannot be processed until we have reeived your final results and progression decision for 2020/21 (usually in July, unless you have reassessments to complete in the July assessment period), so you may be asked to resubmit your Taking a Break form once your results have been published. 

Q) How do I withdraw from the University?

A) You need to formally confirm your intention to withdraw from the University by completing the withdrawal request on your Evision account. You can find the withdrawal request within the My Progress section of Evision.


Withdrawal form

Q) How do I cancel my studies?

You have the right to cancel your contract with the University within 14 days without giving any reason. The cancellation period will expire after 14 days from the day of the conclusion of the contract (that is the day you accept our offer of a place to study). 

As a full-time student, you're eligible for a 16-25 railcard up until the age of 64. You can purchase the card online.

If you are required to complete a physical form and it requires a stamp you can either contact your School Office or download an enrolment confirmation letter from eVision under the "My Details" tab.

Please note that if you request a stamp from your school office that this may take up to 10 working days as most staff are currently working from home and will only attend the office and have access to stamps intermittently. 

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