How to use a Chromebook

The use of the Chromebooks must adhere to the University’s Acceptable Use Policy.

For assistance using the Chromebooks or any technical issues, students should contact the ICT Helpdesk via email: IT Self Service Portal

All Chromebooks should be shut-down before being returned.

A Chromebook is a laptop running the Chrome Operating system.  These devices are designed to be used primarily while connected to the internet, with most applications and data residing in "the cloud".

Chromebooks don’t run the Windows operating system and they don’t have the same programs as a Windows desktop PC.

By using your student email credentials.

The Chromebooks automatically connect to the University's WiFi.  They can only be used on campus.

The Chromebook shuts down.  A student can log in again by re-opening the lid and entering their credentials.

As soon you close the lid or press the Exit session button, all of your personal data is immediately deleted so there’s no chance that other users might be able to see your files or browsing history.

From a browser, go to our dedicated printing website and log in to your print account.  You can choose to print to a variety of printers on both campuses.

Select alt+shift+s or click in the bottom right-hand corner.  For ease of use, it is recommended to switch any accessibility settings before logging in.

The available applications are all cloud-based such as Google Apps.

Navigate to the bottom left and click the circle icon to display the list of Google apps available.  Some apps have shortcuts in the bottom left-hand corner, eg Google Drive.  

Google provides a general overview of their apps. Some apps have similar functionality to Microsoft Office,  eg Google Docs is similar functionality to Microsoft Word.

Yes.  But we encourage the use of cloud storage such as Google Drive because it’s a more reliable and convenient option as data saves automatically and is accessible from any device.

The Chromebooks have HDMI, USB connections, MicroSD card Reader and a mini-jack headphone port. We do not supply HDMI cables or any other peripherals.

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