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Covid-19 update

The ongoing COVID-19 crisis has affected some sectors very abruptly, with retailers, pubs, restaurants and other services closing their doors to minimise the risks associated with close social contact. We know that many students who work alongside their degrees will have found themselves in financial difficulty as a result of this, and the Careers and Employability Service is here to support you should you wish to find other work.

Other services, such as supermarkets and delivery companies, are rapidly expanding their temporary workforces in response to a changing way of living.  We ask that you ensure you are able to comply with any current government advice on social distancing if you undertake new jobs in this period, which is still as important as ever for your own health and the health of the public. To support your job search during this period, download the document Resources to help you with your job search during Covid-19

If you need any help or guidance in your job search or any other career related queries, please email Careers.

The Job Shop provides access to both paid and voluntary opportunities:

Log into MyCareer

to access:

  • part time and temporary vacancies
  • internship or placement opportunities
  • graduate positions
  • volunteering opportunities

For advice on using MyCareer see our Searching for opportunities on Mycareer  guide and if you are experiencing any difficulties acsessing the system, please contact

See our Code of Practice: Students  for details of terms and conditions.

Register with Met Temps , Londonmet's in-house agency to browse paid temporary or part-time work in the  university. 

Use the job search engine on our careers portal to find openings for full time and part time jobs as well as graduate and internship opportunities. 

The Job Shop also organises a series of events throughout the year: part-time jobs fairs, volunteering fairs and employer "pop ups".  Details of these are posted on our Eventbrite page.

Student Circus is a dedicated job search platform that caters to the needs of international students in the UK. All jobs and internships on the platform are from UK employers willing to sponsor work visas to those who are studying in or have recently graduated from UK universities. There are 30,000+ licensed companies who can sponsor work visas for graduates: the platform uses custom made algorithms to aggregate this information so applicants can save time and apply for appropriate opportunities.

If you would like to advertise an opportunity for our students or recent graduates, click on the relevant link below:

  • London Met managers: Support students in developing workplace skills, experience and confidence by offering suitable internal work opportunities. 
  • Not-for-profit organisations: Advertise your volunteering opportunities to our students who can add value to your organisation.
  • Employers: Advertise your opportunities free of charge through our Job Shop to access a talented and diverse group of students and recent graduates

Before advertising please refer to our Code of Practice: Employers .

If you would like to meet students at our regular fairs or take part in careers events please email Careers


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