We are pleased to announce the graduation dates for the graduands of 2022.

If you are awarded in 2022 up to the Awards Board publication on 8 July 2022 (excluding partner institutions), you will be invited to the summer graduations.

If you are awarded after the July Awards Board up to 31 October 2022, or have been awarded at any time during 2022 up to 31 October 2022 and have studied at a partner institution you will be invited to our winter graduations.

For those awarded in 2022 up to the Award Board publication on 8 July 2022 (excluding partner institutions).

Monday 25 July 2022

10.30 am - Guildhall School of Business and Law

2.30 pm - The School of Art, Architecture and Design

Tuesday 26 July 2022

10.30 am - School of Computing and Digital Media & School of Human Sciences 

2.30 pm - School of Social Sciences and Professions

For those awarded after the 8 July Awards Board up to 31 October 2022 or anyone graduating from a partner institution up to 31 October 2022.

Monday 5 December 2022

10.30 am - Guildhall School of Business and Law & School of Computing and Digital Media & School of Human Sciences 

2.30 pm - The School of Art, Architecture and Design & School of Social Sciences and Professions

The invitation will be emailed to both personal and London Metropolitan University email addresses as held on your student record, we do not use any email address you use in email communication, only those placed on your record. It is a student’s responsibility to keep this information up to date.

If you have not received an invitation please log into your Evision account to confirm you have been awarded. You can also check the email address you have on record.

Guests requiring a visa

We appreciate that if you and/or your guests require a visa to attend the graduation ceremony then you may require a visa to enter the UK. please visit the UKVI webpages for information about visitor's visas.

The University does not issue any special documentation in connection with visa applications to attend the graduation ceremony. The graduation team can only issue a letter confirming the dates of your graduation ceremony before the official invitation is issued, please email us at to request one.

London Metropolitan University holds graduation ceremonies at the Barbican Centre which is in central London and is easily accessible by rail, underground and road. A map of the immediate area, clear directions and parking information are helpfully provided by the Barbican Centre on their website.

It is always worth checking the travel conditions in London before starting your journey and Transport for London (TfL) provides the latest travel information.

Remember that if you are driving into central London you may have to pay the London congestion charge.


Each graduation holds a maximum of 500 graduate seats. Bookings will be allocated on a first-come-first-served basis.

The graduate ticket is free, but must still be ordered using the University’s official booking site. More information on how to book will only be communicated by your invitation email.

Graduates and guests are seated in different parts of the hall and all tickets are non-transferrable.


Graduation is a formal and celebratory occasion and graduates may wish to enjoy the day with their family and friends. The duration of the ceremony is normally around one hour and 30 minutes. We ask for graduates and guests to respect their peers and to remain seated until the ceremony has finished.

Guest tickets cost £30 per person. You may purchase up to four tickets.


Any child over the age of two years old will require a ticket. There are no concession prices and tickets are checked by staff before entering the main hall.

Young children may become restless and cause some disruption to those seated nearby, in which case we would advise exiting the main hall. Please note there isn't a creche or any child-minding facilities at the Barbican Centre.

Special requirements

If you or your guests have any special requirements, you should inform the graduation team of this during the booking process. Please note that graduates normally ascend and descend the stage via a short set of steps. If this is inaccessible, please email us at immediately and we can make alternative arrangements.

The Barbican has produced a very detailed Access Guide, which may help you identify any special requirements you may have for the day.

The Vice-Chancellor has decided that academic dress (gown, hood and hat) is optional for London Metropolitan University graduation ceremonies. However, as this is a formal event, we suggest graduates and guests are smartly dressed.

Ede & Ravenscroft provides the University officials’ gowns and also provide a gowning service for graduates which can be booked online in advance of graduation. Information about how to use this service will be sent in your invitation. Other suppliers are also available and if you choose to use them you will be required to bring your academic dress with you on the day.

Please note that only gown suppliers can assist with any queries you have regarding their services - the University cannot deal with these queries.

A photography service is provided by Ede & Ravenscroft on the day of graduation. They will have several photography studios available on the day in the Barbican Centre (not within the main hall). Photography must be ordered in advance when you order your tickets.

Other suppliers may be available, but other photographers will not be permitted to use Ede & Ravenscroft’s studios and can only attend in the main hall as a paid ticketed guest of the graduate. If they attend as a guest, they can only take photos from their seat and must not disrupt other guests around them.

You must only arrive at the Barbican Centre about 1 hour and 30 minutes before your ceremony is due to commence. This will give you time to register, collect your tickets, academic dress (if ordered), and have your photograph taken. There will be queues, so please ensure you and your guests know where you each need to go and leave enough time.

Registration desk

The registration desk will open 1 hour and 30 minutes before the start of your ceremony. Join the queue appropriate to your last name to register, collect your graduate seat ticket, any guest tickets, and your presentation card (without these you will not be able to enter the hall). Please keep your presentation card with you at all times.

Collecting Ede & Ravenscroft academic dress

If you have ordered a gown via Ede & Ravenscroft or you wish to do so on the day, after registration turn to face where you entered the stalls floor and the Ede & Ravenscroft gowning area is in the far-left corner.

Photography studios

Once you have registered and collected your academic dress, you can have your photographs taken by Ede & Ravenscroft.

It's better to have your photograph taken before your ceremony if you have arrived in time to do so – but you must get to your seat in the main hall in good time before your ceremony is due to start.


We recommend you check in your coats and bags as soon as you can. This is directly behind the main registration desk.

Arriving late

We appreciate that for a variety of reasons, graduates can be delayed. If you do arrive late, staff will make every effort to accommodate you. However, we stress that if you arrive after the ceremony has commenced, to avoid disruption, your entry to the hall will be delayed until an appropriate point in the ceremony and you may not be located in your correct seat, and it may not be possible for you to process across the stage.

After the ceremony

The Barbican Centre has several restaurants and cafes providing a range of food and beverages if you wish to use those services. will be filming your graduation ceremony live. Copies of your ceremony are available to purchase on DVD, USB key or as a Digital Download. To order your lifetime keepsake please visit or the ground floor sales point at the Barbican, straight after your graduation ceremony. DVDs and USB keys will be available for purchase and to take home on the day.

You can watch the Live Stream here

Or visit the website.

When booking you must agree to the Terms and Conditions of which one is "I understand that once booked, tickets are neither refundable nor transferable, unless cancelled by the University."

However if after booking tickets you find that you/your guests will not be able to attend, please contact us and explain the circumstances and if this is before your seat/ticket allocation we may try to reallocate the seats.

The specific times and school allocations will not be confirmed until the start of the calendar year, along with the cut-off dates for inclusion in graduations.


Summer - 24 & 25 July 2023

Winter - 4 December 2023


Summer -  29 & 30 July 2024

Winter - 2 December 2024


Summer - 28 & 29 July 2025

Winter - 1 December 2025

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