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Research Student Progress Groups (RSPGs)

The University has a system of progression review to help MPhil, PhD and Professional Doctorate students plan and progress their research, and to produce regular written material on an ongoing basis. The following forms must be submitted as required to the Research Student Progress Groups (RSPGs). There is an annual RSPG in June and an interim one in the Autumn for referred work and work where progress is deemed to be at risk.

Please note the deadline for submission has been extended to Monday 8 June 2020

Students who fail to deliver work on time will have their progress referred or may have their progress suspended however, you should indicate on the forms if anything has affected your application; the University would be sympathetic towards reasons connected with the Coronavirus situation.

Handbook for Research Students and Supervisors

Students are required to submit the RD2 form that includes a piece of written material for review by a published deadline (Monday 8 June 2020).

The RD2 form can be found in our Research Form Centre

A member of Student Journey will contact research students a month or two before an RSPG meeting. An RD2 form should be submitted along with the written work to ensure that:

  1. the University holds up to date contact details and supervisory team details
  2. students have an opportunity to comment on supervisory support
  3. supervisors and RSPG members can provide feedback on the work submitted (see below).

This is then formally reviewed by one of the University's six RSPGs. Each RSPG is aligned to one of the Schools and is composed of academic staff who review the work submitted and will give feedback and make a formal decision on progress.

Full-time students shall reach the standard for MPhil within 18 months of registration and then PhD level within three years.

A part-time student shall reach the standard for MPhil within two years of registration and then PhD level within five years.

Transfer from MPhil to PhD, where applicable, must have occurred before the expiry of the relevant maximum period of registration for MPhil (18 months for full-time students and two years for part-time students). 

The RD2 form can be found in our Research Form Centre. The deadline is 8 June 2020. 

If students or supervisors have any questions regarding registration or progress reviews they should contact the Research and Postgraduate Office at or book a drop in session via the Qudini system.




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