Recent Graduates

The Careers and Employability team is committed to helping you achieve your graduate career ambitions. To enable this, we have created the "Support for career success" package. This includes:

  • action planning and goal setting interview followed by regular support from a dedicated Careers Consultant;
  • webinars covering all aspects of job search - check out our mycareer events page for details;
  • employer webinars;
  • access to job vacancies;
  • referral to volunteering;
  • promotion of virtual internships;
  • online learning;
  • referral to specialist partner organisations.

To book your first appointment email careers and request a "Support for careers success" appointment.

 It is all about you

  • You are among a select group of students who are due to take part in this survey.
  • There are four separate survey periods and you will be contacted depending on when you graduated, approximately 15 months after graduation.

How you can help?

  • Let us know of any change to your contact details by logging into Evision or emailing the graduate outcomes team with your student ID and new contact details.
  • Please take part in the survey. You will be contacted by email, telephone, and/or SMS.

When will you be contacted?

The exact date will be determined by the date on which you graduated but will be from 15 months after you completed your course. We will send you a reminder with an update at 6 months, 12 months, and finally 2 weeks prior to the survey commencing.

Graduate job alerts are curated, and graduate level opportunities emailed to London Metropolitan University graduates fortnightly. Sign up for these job alerts by emailing our careers team.

  • Try the interview simulator on the careers portal: you can record your responses to common interview questions and so see how you come across.
  • Book a mock interview with a careers consultant: email careers for availability.  
  • It may be helpful just to talk things over with a careers consultant. This conversation might focus on what you enjoyed about your course or previous work experience, what you feel your interests and strengths might be, or what options might now be open to you.
  • Online self-assessment tools are available on the Careers portal to help you gain a better understanding of yourself and your motivations.
  • Tools such as prospects planner give you a framework to identify your skills and preferences, using the results to match to career areas of potential interest.  
  • Volunteering can be a valuable way to build your confidence and experience: contact the careers team for information.

If you are no longer entitled to use the university careers service, then download the Careers resources for adults  for alternative sources of support.  





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