Recording attendance will help us see where you might be struggling and offer you support. It will also help us make sure everyone is meeting their attendance requirements - for example if your attendance is required for a professional accreditation or your student visa. 

All students are required to register their own attendance at the start of all timetabled activities.  

Find out more about the rules and regulations for attendance and engagement. Continued low attendance and engagement can put your student status at risk.

How do I check-in to my learning activity? 

You can access MyAttendance using a smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer.  

1. At the start of every session, your lecturer will issue you a unique four-digit code. 

2. Access MyAttendance via: 

3. Enter the four-digit code and click the 'check-in' button 

Frequently Asked Questions

This new system is more efficient than other attendance monitoring such as paper registers and saves resource so we can better support you in other areas. 

It will help us to: 

  • Ensure you are maximising your academic potential; 
  • provide supportive interventions when you need them the most; 
  • avoid time-consuming manual roll calls; 
  • know who is on campus in case of an emergency;  
  • to improve the experience for all students 

Within My Attendance you’ll be able to see your own attendance record – this is displayed on a simple dashboard. However, you can only see records from this academic year, it will not show older attendance records.

Please use the system honestly. We need the most accurate data to ensure we are providing support where it’s needed. 

Please be aware: registering attendance for someone else is considered misconduct and may result in disciplinary action. 

All issues with MyAttendance should be reported through the ITS Self Service Portal using the following steps

  • Login to the Self Service Portal (launches in an external window)
  • Click on Log IT Request
  • Seach for MyAttendance using the yellow search box
  • Click on the MyAttendance result that is returned
  • Click on "Issue" then click Next
  • Click on "MyAttendance" then click Next
  • Choose the type of issue you wish to raise, provide as much description as possible, and click Submit
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