Academic Mentors

Most subject areas have an academic mentor who can help you with your assessments, so you can:

  • understand what's required
  • find the right resources
  • develop confidence and skills
  • receive feedback

You can also see your Librarian for guidance on course resources, as well as finding and using information for your studies and assessment. 

The Academic Mentors for each school are:

Business Academic Mentors: 
Katerina Sergiou:
Law Academic Mentor: 
Academic Mentor (Maths Support)
Academic Mentor (Passport)

Jo Gil: - Communications Technology and Mathematics

Cecilia Oyugi: - Applied Computing and Computer Science

Ivan Roman Orgaz: - Creative Technologies and Digital Media

Creative Technologies and Digital Media courses include:

► Computer Animation 
► Digital Media
► Film, Broadcast Production & TV
► Games 
► Journalism 
► Media & Communications 
► Music Technology

Roberta Freezor: - Biosciences

Laura Perry: - Health Sciences

Jack Earl: - Chemical and Pharmaceutical Science

Kevin Brazant: - Social Work Community, and Youth

Ryan Arthur: - Health, Social Care, and Early Childhood

Nural Nahid Huda: - Education

Jade Benn: - Sociology and Criminology

Michael Skillen: - Sociology and Criminology

Bernard Aidoo: - Psychology

Olaide Asuni: - Psychology

Hannah Duggan: - Politics and International Relations

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