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The Student Money and Accommodation Advice team provides information, advice and guidance on undergraduate and postgraduate funding for Home students, and on accommodation for all our students.
We can help you:

  • Make your funding application to Student Finance England
  • Resolve problems with your funding application
  • Find other avenues of funding
  • Understand the funding implications of changing, suspending or withdrawing from your course
  • Find accommodation in London

If you have any queries about the fees you have been charged, or if you need a change of circumstances notice and/or attendance/registration confirmation sent to Student Finance England, please contact the University's Fee and Funding team –

If you need to set up a fee payment plan, please contact the University's Income Collection team – 

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Student Services aims to offer the very best support and so we are keen to hear from students to help us better understand what you would like Student Services to look like and provide in the future. Please take the time to read and complete the Student Services Survey.

October 2021: All appointment requests for the Student Money and Accommodation Advice team need to be sent to or you can ring the Student Services team on 020 7320 2848

When emailing, please provide your full name and London Met student ID number in the email subject field. Please also use your London Met email account to correspond with the University, and be aware that correspondence you receive from the University will be sent to your London Met email account.

Include in the email a brief outline of your query and your telephone number, and if you require a face to face appointment please state which site, Aldgate CMG-24 or Holloway TM1-33. You should also attach to the email any documents that may be related to the query.

The Student Services team can then allocate you to the next available appointment, or refer your query to an appropriate University team to answer.

Please ensure you have read the University’s Protecting you on campus page, in particular the section pertaining to the wearing of face coverings.

If you arrive more than 15 minutes late for an appointment you will be asked to rebook it.

For all other Student Money and Accommodation Advice team queries please contact

Please note, due to the high volume of emails the service is receiving, it may take longer than normal to reply.

Online chat

Please note: online chat will not be available on Monday 25 October and Wednesday 3 November.

The service is trialling an online chat service. This will be available Monday to Friday, 9:30am until 11:30am. An adviser can help with very quick funding and accommodation queries you may have via the online chat. If the adviser feels an appointment will be appropriate you will be advised to book one.

Please click on the chat box icon on the right of the screen.

Chat outside the above-listed times will not be responded to.

Please take a look at our accommodation pages for information on external student halls of residence, private rented accommodation, short-stay accommodation, summer accommodation, and landlord services. Alternatively, contact our advice team:

Student Pad:

Useful housing links

Rent calculator

Not sure who is responsible for repairs and maintenance in your rented home? Check out the following guidance from Shelter.

Shelter also provides information on how to check if your tenancy deposit is protected, as well as on how to proceed if your landlord doesn't refund your deposit at the end of your tenancy.  

Local support

Crisis Skylight

Tower Hamlets Food Bank

Toynbee Hall

Whitechapel Mission

London Met is pleased to offer a Care Leaver Bursary of £1,500 for each progressive year of your undergraduate degree (full-time students only). This is intended to help towards accommodation set-up costs and basic living expenses.

Applications are automatically processed by Student Finance England. Please email for further details.

London Met is also one of a small number of universities whose students are eligible to apply for a Unite Foundation Scholarship Scheme, which can provide care leavers with three years of free student accommodation. 

We will also help to check if you're eligible for additional financial help from external sources.

If you'd like to know more about the range of help available to you, please contact Daniel McEvoy (Holloway) on

London Met is committed to supporting estranged students during their time at university.

1. Do I qualify as an estranged student (for independent student status)?

Following the Student Finance England definition, a student might be defined as estranged if they can show they have little or no contact with their biological or adoptive parents and they receive no physical or financial support from them either.

To qualify for independent status through estrangement, the student will need to prove the lack of contact with their parents is permanent. We would normally expect the student to have had no contact with their parents for at least 12 months, although this may not apply in exceptional circumstances.

If a student wants to apply for independent status because they’re estranged from their parents, they must provide confirmation from a professional person, outside their family, who knows about their circumstances. That person must fill out an Estrangement Declaration form, which you can download from Student Finance England.

2. Checklist for sending evidence to Student Finance

Provide as many supporting statements as you can but make sure at least one of the statements is from an independent person with good standing in the community, who has known you for a substantial period of time and is not a relative or family friend.

Examples of evidence students could provide include:

  • a letter from your social worker, if you have one
  • if you claimed income support when you were under 18, a letter from your Jobcentre Plus office showing you were in receipt of benefits because of your situation
  • if your relationship with your parents broke down while you were at school or college, a letter from advice worker, personal tutor or teacher, confirming your circumstances
  • if you’ve visited your doctor because of problems relating to the breakdown of your relationship with your parents, a letter from your doctor to confirm your circumstances

You won’t be able to apply for independent status just because you don’t get on with your parents or because you don’t live with them. Similarly, you won’t automatically be able to apply for independent status because your parents refuse or don’t want to provide details of their income.

3.  Useful links

Buttle UK: Provides thousands of grants to young people in the UK, often when there is no other source of help available to them. One particular grant that might be available to estranged young people is the Students and Trainees Programme.  

Brightside: Has some useful information for students whose parents are unwilling to provide their income details, as well as for estranged students finding it difficult to evidence their independence.

StandAlone: StandAlone is a charity set up to support people who are estranged from their family or children. They have produced a guide for students who are applying for independent status from Student Finance England and Wales.

Turn2Us: A free service that helps people in financial need access welfare benefits, charitable grants and other financial help. Their website has a free and easy to use benefits calculator and grants search. 

Named contact for Estranged Students – Isabel Patrick –

London Met is proud to have EU students as part of our community and we want you to stay.

Apply for EU settled status by 30 June 2021 if you are eligible.

We are committed to helping our EU students to navigate the EU Settlement Scheme.

This is a complex area and Student Services can advise and support you in understanding the regulations and ensure, where possible, that you can continue to access welfare benefits, NHS care and Student Finance.

Please contact if you have any questions about your eligibility or require support with your application under the EU Settlement Scheme.

You are valued members of our London Met community.

At London Met, we understand the extra challenges faced by student parents. We know that balancing your studies alongside the demands of running a family, organising childcare and managing finances may at times feel overwhelming. We're here to offer support and can refer you on to our network of specialist contacts, where necessary.

We can help you with the following:

  • Understanding the 30 hour and 15-hour childcare government requirements
  • Navigating child tax credits and child benefit 
  • Applying for Student Finance England - we can provide a spot check to make sure you are receiving all the grants 
  • Debt referrals
  • Support for understanding welfare benefits (Universal Credit/ Housing Benefit/ Income Support/ Jobseekers' Allowance)
  • Advice on grants, bursaries and hardship funds
  • Referral to our Counselling Team and Academic Support

We also offer quick financial spot checks to make sure you are receiving all the support available for your circumstances.

Our information sheet Students with children   gives a good overview of all the funding available but if you still have questions, you can book an appointment with one of our Student Money and Accommodation Advisers.

Named contact for Student Parents – Susie McLoughlin –

Muslim students and students of other faiths may be reluctant to take out products from the Student Loan Company because of the interest charged on student loans.

Though the UK Government has consulted on developing a possible model Alternative Finance product which would be Sharia-compliant and could potentially be offered alongside traditional loans to students wishing to attend Higher Education, this product is not currently available.

You might seek advice from a faith leader on whether Riba – the paying and receiving of a pre-determined additional payment for profit (usually in the form of interest) is mitigated by the fact that you will not have to repay either loan or interest if your earnings remain under the designated threshold, and that any outstanding balance will be wiped when 30 years (from the April after graduation) have passed.

You might also consider whether the loan can be taken out on the basis that you have no alternative method of paying for your course and will pay it back as soon as possible.

If you decide to take out the Maintenance Loan you might open an account with an Islamic bank and pay the loan into this account.

If you do not take out the Student Loan Company's funding package this may prevent you from receiving other forms of funding. For example, the University’s Hardship Support Fund guidance notes state:

B.5.  Undergraduate, PGCE & Professional Diploma in Architecture students must be in receipt of the full means tested student support funding from Student Finance England (SFE) (i.e. you are in receipt of a student loan), and must take out your maximum student loan entitlement and tuition fee loan to be eligible for the Hardship Support Fund.

If you are entitled to claim income-assessed benefits, the assessment office will consider any student maintenance loan you’re entitled to receive as income regardless of whether you have taken it out or not.

You might find you can receive some financial support from Educational trusts and charities .
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