Student Conduct

All students of the University are subject to the University’s Student Conduct Policy and Procedure, which is intended to ensure a safe, supportive environment for work and study for the University community. These regulations set out the expectations on students in order to maintain the University as a community of scholars in which all members can work beside each other in conditions which permit freedom of thought and expression, all within a framework of intellectual honesty and respect for the rights of other persons.

Please refer to Student Conduct Policy and Procedure 2023-24Student Conduct Policy and Procedure 2022-23Section 16 Student Conduct  (2020/21) and Section 16 Student Conduct (2021/22). For previous academic years, regulations and procedures can be found in Section 9B the Archive (General Student Regulations) section. 

Any student who is accused of misconduct is advised to seek assistance from the Students’ Union promptly.

Allegations of misconduct should be reported promptly to the Student Conduct Team. The Student Conduct team is responsible for ensuring that cases are dealt with in a timely, fair, independent and confidential manner and in accordance to University policy, regulations and procedures. Please send all allegations of misconduct to 

Staff - You can access additional guidance and resources (Staff login required) and the Student Conduct Officer is available for consultation regarding student misconduct matters. If the Student Conduct Officer is not available for consultation, please contact the Head of Student Casework at

We are all responsible for how we contribute to a safe and respectful environment at London Metropolitan University.

Please refer to our Online Behaviour Guidance on how to practice good online behaviour to maintain a welcoming and respectful community.

Online Behaviour Guidance

Online Behaviour Flow Chart




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