General Student Regulations

When you join London Metropolitan University as a student, you and the University form a formal relationship and you become a member of our academic community. The regulations given in the documents below govern the relationship between you and the University.

As a student you are expected to familiarise yourself with the relevant University policies and rules and regulations, including the General Student Regulations, the Academic Regulations, and any Course Specific Regulations (contained in the Course Handbooks). 

To help you we highlight the significant or unusual terms that you might not expect. The list is not exhaustive and does not replace the Regulations themselves; you should always refer to the Regulations for the definitive position.

2019-20 Student Regulations (Significant or Unusual Terms)

If you would like to see a list of the important changes that have happened within the General Student Regulations, see the summary of changes document below. The summary will note all important new regulations for 2019-20, updates to previous regulations and any important regulations that are no longer required. Where possible there will also be a short explanation outlining each change.

Summary of Changes 2019-20.pdf

The Regulations

Academic Regulations

2019-20 Combined General Regulations

General Regulations

2019-20 GR00 - Application Interpretation and Transitional Provisions

2019-20 GR01 - Changes to Course Frameworks and Student Regulations

General Student Regulations

2019-20 GSR01 - Student Status

2019-20 GSR02 - International Students

2019-20 GSR03 - Post-Enrolment Obligations

2019-20 GSR04 - Criminal Convictions

2019-20 GSR05 - Fees and Bursaries

2019-20 GSR06 - Use of Premises and Resources

2019-20 GSR07 - Mitigating Circumstances

2019-20 GSR08A - Appeals

2019-20 GSR08B - Complaints

2019-20 GSR09A - Academic Misconduct

2019-20 GSR09B - Student Conduct

2019-20 GSR10 - Fitness to Study

2019-20 GSR11 - Intellectual Property and Research Conduct

2019-20 GSR12 - Student Records

2019-20 GSR13 - Health and Safety, Liability and Miscellaneous Regulations

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