Mitigating Circumstances

The Mitigating Circumstances process is designed to assist students who have been affected by mitigating circumstances during their studies. Please see the full information below.

The Mitigating Circumstances Procedures set down the process whereby unforeseen circumstances should be brought to the University’s attention, which have prevented a student from submitting an item of assessed work for the published deadline date or from attending an examination, practical, presentation, etc.

IMPORTANT NOTE - if you believe you have a disability or long-term medical condition:

The Mitigating Circumstance Procedure is a retrospective process that solely considers unforeseen circumstances in respect of assessment deadlines that have passed. As such, this is not the correct Procedure to use if you have a disability or a long-term medical condition (unless it has suddenly deteriorated) and wish to be considered for future assessment adjustments and support.

If you have a disability/long-term medical condition requiring adjustments or you would like to discuss your eligibility for support, please contact the Disabilities and Dyslexia Service (DDS). Adjustments can be put in place throughout the year. If you are already registered with the DDS but your circumstances have changed, please contact the DDS as soon as possible to ensure that the correct adjustments are in place for you.


The deadline for the submission of a claim for Mitigating Circumstance is two weeks from the published submission date of the component concerned or the date of the examination, practical, presentation, etc.

You are however encouraged to submit a claim as soon as practicable.

The Mitigating Circumstances Form includes Introductory Notes that should be read fully before a claim is made. 

Mitigating Circumstances Form 2018-19.pdf

Academic Services in collaboration with the Students' Union have also developed comprehensive Student Guidance. This is intended to assist you in the completion and submission of your claim and offer helpful and practical guidance on the types of evidence required to support your claim.

Please note that a claim for Mitigating Circumstances may be submitted in relation to:

  • non attendance at an examination;
  • non-submission of coursework;

Please note that from the 2016/17 academic year, the university regulations have changed and you can no longer submit a claim for impaired academic performance in an examination, presentation, class test etc. If a student attends an assessment, submits a piece of coursework etc., s/he is declaring that s/he is fit to take the assessment.

Mitigating Circumstances - Student Guidance 2018-19.pdf

Submission of claims

To submit a mitigating circumstances claim, you must complete a Mitigating Circumstances Form 2018-19.pdf  and submit by the appropriate deadline, to your Student Hub.

We will notify you when your Mitigating Circumstances outcome(s) are ready to view. If you have any queries in the meantime please contact the office via the email form on the bottom right of this page:

If your claim for mitigating circumstances is accepted, you will be given the opportunity to be assessed at the next assessment point in the component concerned, and capping does not apply.

If a claim for mitigating circumstances is not accepted, then capping of the reassessment applies. (Where the rejected claim related to non-attendance at an examination or non-submission of coursework, a mark of zero is given for the original attempt, and the reassessment will be capped.)


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