Printing, photocopying and scanning

Dual purpose self-service photocopiers/printers are available across the University and are available in libraries.

Before you use the University printers you MUST activate your ID card for printing. See "Printing for the first time" below.

Once a print job is sent you can release it on any FollowMe printer in the University using your ID card or login to authenticate.

Print jobs remain active for only 24 hours after they are submitted.

Instructions on printing, photocopying and scanning are available in the user guides below.

Problems with the photocopiers should be reported via the IT Self Service Portal.

When using the printing system for the first time you will need to associate your ID card with your account. To do this, simply swipe your ID card on one of the photocopiers and enter your University username and password. That's it.

Please remember to log out when print jobs are completed.

In this quick guide you will see instructions on how to get yourself printing and copying quickly.

Sharp MX5141 model

Sharp MXC301 model

Sharp User Guide v1.01 (Both models)

You have a print account which you need to top-up using the online Print credits system using a debit or credit card.

You will need your University username and password.

The minimum top-up amount is £2.00.

Cash top-ups can also be made in person at the Cashiers Office, located on the ground floor of the Admin Block at Holloway (near the Rocket entrance).

A4 mono (black and white)

  • single sided: 5p
  • double sided: 10p

A4 colour

  • single sided: 25p
  • double sided: 50p

A3 mono (black and white)

  • single sided: 10p
  • double sided: 20p

A3 colour

  • single sided: 50p
  • double sided: £1

You can print your documents from any mobile device via the web, email and cloud print.  Upload your documents to print at  Please see the Wireless Printing Guide v1.3 for further information.

Print history allows you to check your history by logging in.


Free, unlimited printing is available in the libraries.

All I Want Is Print (AIWIP) allows you to print for free by including small adverts at the bottom of the page.

To use these printers, download the Printt app, upload the document from a laptop, PC or phone, stand next to an AIWIP printer and press print.

Please be aware that his service is not suitable for coursework submissions. It is an external, commercial service and if issues occur they can only be resolved by the provider.


UK Copyright law

Copyright law allows you to copy a limited amount of material without the permission of the copyright owner, but only for use in private study and you should not make more than one copy of a reasonable proportion of the material. Copyright statements are displayed by each machine.

When photocopying, printing and scanning see information about Copyright introduction.

Frequently asked questions

The University does not offer cash refunds for Print Credits.

However in certain circumstances we can give re-credits (eg if the printer jams and spoils your printing) or a refund for unused credits (over £10 only).  Please see the Print Credit Refund Policy v1.2 ‌ for full information.

Yes. First they need to create a guest account online. Click on "I do not have an account yet, I would like to create one". Follow the onscreen instructions and the user will be given a unique username and password.

Then they need to top up the balance of their print account via the online Print Credits system. Log in using the username and password provided for the guest account. The minimum top up amount is £2. Payments can be made using a debit or credit card.

To use the printers and photocopiers, log in on the printer's touch screen using the username and password of the guest account. Then follow the instructions on the printer screen or ask for support from a member of staff.

Remember to log out after use to prevent other people using the account.

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