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Our Careers and EmployabilityTeam  is here to help you develop the knowledge, skills and experience needed to make informed decisions and to build a rewarding career. Services are available to students and recent graduates for up to three years following graduation. For details of service policies and our commitment to support you please see our Vision Statement and Service Guidelines .

If you have a disability and require assistance to access any of our services please email Careers.  

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Accessing services from March 23 2020

Although careers staff are not currently working in the University buildings themselves you are still able to access the careers support you need remotely.

  • If you would like to speak to a member of the careers team this can be arranged via phone/video link. Log into the “mycareer” system where you can book an appointment time with a careers consultant or a member of the job shop/Met Temps team. 
  • Alternatively, if you need help with an application, you can forward your CV, draft application form or personal statement for review and feedback, ideally including details of the opportunity you are applying for. This too can be done via the MyCareer system, using the “ask a question” facility.
  • Workshops will continue to be offered in a webinar format. Book as usual through Eventbrite and on the day you will be forwarded a link allowing you to take part.
  • You can access a wide range of interactive careers resources 24/7 via our careers portal.

If you have any other question or enquiry or are having difficulties accessing the system above, then you can always email Careers for advice and support.

Guidance interviews: what to expect

Guidance interviews can be used to address a variety of issues, for example:

  • Exploring different career areas 
  • Researching employers and sectors
  • Searching for work or placement opportunities
  • Developing a strong CV, LinkedIn profile or application form
  • Practising interview techniques

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The Next Steps conference aims to support your employability through a wide range of online sessions delivered by employers, recruitment agencies and external partners.  Whether you are just about to graduate or are a continuing student, there will be something for everyone.  All sessions will be held online so you can join in as many as you wish: browse, select and book your place on Eventbrite.

Tuesday 8 June, 10-11am: Breaking down the recruitment process

 London Met Alumni and Recruitment Manager at CIMA, Jason Nye will be running a session with the focus of highlighting what employers want and look for from today’s university students when going through the recruitment process, from applications through to psychometric tests, interviews and assessment centres. 

Tuesday 8 June 10-11am: Confidence and your career   

Understand what confidence is and gain top tips and ideas to use to improve self confidence in career development, searching and applying for graduate roles. Our trainer, Pam Lidford is a fully qualified ICF PCC & Coaching Academy Coach, Thought Field Therapist, Master Practitioner in NLP and has trained and coached thousands of people in personal, private and public sectors.

Tuesday 8 June 12-1pm: Kent Police  

An overview of Kent Police, what job opportunities we have for both police officer and police staff roles.

Tuesday 8 June 1-2pm: Creating an excellent CV with Hays Plc

Graduate recruitment experts from Hays will talk through a number of opportunities in the sector and give winning advice on creating an excellent CV

Tuesday 8 June 2.30-3.30pm: Acing the application form          

Enterprise Rent-A-Car is one of the biggest recruiters of graduate talent in the UK. This session will showcase their opportunities and leave you ready to dazzle via your application forms.

Tuesday 8 June 4-5pm: Disability Panel  - British Dyslexia Association, Stack Recruitment, Evenbreak

Students/graduates with a disability and/or learning difference will have the opportunity to ask questions to our panel of employers and external organisations, who have a disability focus.  Students will have the opportunity to receive valuable advice and insights.

Wednesday 9 June 10 -11am: Sky - Working for us in Software Engineering

Attending this session is the first step into working on exciting Sky technology projects, attend to hear about the recruitment process and next steps.

Wednesday 9 June 11.30 -12.30pm: Championing and celebrating yourself and your successes 

This session is designed to help you recognise and celebrate your strengths and successes. Whilst it can be challenging to do so, positive psychology research finds that when we focus on strengths and celebrate them, we increase our engagement, productivity and overall happiness.  Packed with tangible takeaways, this session will support to embed this approach into your professional and personal life.

Wednesday 9 June 1 -2pm: Communicating with impact with Interactifs       

This session will profile a number of different communication techniques and participants will leave more confident in their ability to impress throughout the recruitment process.

Wednesday 9 June 1 -2pm: Be your own boss

Learn how to set yourself up in a number of different ways and hear about the support available to you to do so.

Wednesday 9 June 2.30-3.30pm: Metropolitan Police

This session will focus on jobs available within policing. It will also cover equality and diversity and leadership in the police force.

Wednesday 9 June 2.30 -3.30pm: Confidence and your career  

Understand what confidence is and gain top tips and ideas to use to improve self confidence in career development, searching and applying for graduate roles. Our trainer, Pam Lidford is a fully qualified ICF PCC & Coaching Academy Coach, Thought Field Therapist, Master Practitioner in NLP and has trained and coached thousands of people in personal, private and public sectors.

Wednesday 9 June 4 -5pm: Simplifying Job Search for International Students with Student Circus  

This webinar aims to help international students navigate the job market. The session will cover their journey from international students to entrepreneurs in the UK.

Thursday 10 June 10-11am: LIFT – careers across Camden, Islington, Hackney and Tower Hamlets

This session is for any student or recent graduate who has a home address in the boroughs of Camden, Islington, Hackney and Tower Hamlets.  Hear from a range of organisations including employers and local authorities to learn more about local employment support and opportunities in your borough.

Thursday 10 June 11.30 -12.30pm: Covid 19 and its impact on graduate recruitment

Dan Hawes is Co-Founder of Graduate Recruitment Bureau (GRB) and will share his observations on the ways in which the current situation is impacting graduate recruitment, as well as tips for new graduates seeking their first role.

Thursday 10 June 1-2pm: Sparta Global Social mobility, inclusion and the business and technology sector  

Sparta Global are a large business and technology consulting company who hire a huge number of graduates, from a range of disciplines, to launch exciting careers. This session will show how they champion social mobility in their business model, resulting in employment opportunities for graduates and excellent outcomes for their clients.

Thursday 10 June 2.30 - 3.30pm: Making the best use of recruitment agencies

This session hosted by BAME Recruitment, a leading agency, covers how an agency works and the difference between a recruitment agency and a jobs board. It addresses questions such as: Can agencies help candidates with limited work experience? How do you select the best agencies to work with? How should you make contact and create a positive and professional impression?

Thursday 10 June 4-5pm: Making NHS applications

Better Safe Communities are experts in getting local employment within the health sector. They will talk through the intricacies of the NHS application process and profile current opportunities.

Friday 11 June 10 -11am: How volunteering helped me get a job  

This session will profile how volunteering can lead to graduate employment and will showcase opportunities to get involved with exciting local partners.

Friday 11 June 11.30 -12.30pm: Building a network for your future

Within an increasingly digital world, learn how to develop a strong network and personal brand which is crucial to help you gain the confidence to communicate effectively and make the most of the opportunities that come your way  to get you that much closer to your dream role.

Friday 11 June 1 -2pm: London Met Postgraduate study team - The Postgraduate Study Guide

This presentation highlights the application process and funding options for postgraduate study.  It also signposts to course information, the benefits of PG study and upcoming taster sessions for postgraduate study at London Met.

Friday 11 June 2.30 -3.30pm: Online Assessments and Preparing for the Fast Stream with the Civil Service 

This session will look at the types of on-line testing you may be asked to undertake as part of a recruitment process. We will also discuss how to prepare your application to join the Civil Service Fast Stream. 

Friday 11 June 4 -5pm: Your Next Steps: Finding jobs, resilience and launching a peer support community with recent London Met graduates and the Careers and Employability Service

This session will close off the event by ensuring that all participants are aware of the upcoming support available to them. Recent graduates who are working for the careers service will lead the session and will launch an exciting platform which will help graduates find opportunities, get advice and build collective resilience.

Visit our careers portal events and activities page to find a listing of the careers events taking place over the next few weeks.  Some of these will be delivered by the University Careers and Employability team, others by employers, external and partner organisations.  

In addition, the portal page on employer insights and feedback highlights some opportunities available through our partner organisation, the East London Business Alliance. 

These run throughout each academic year and offer students the opportunity to be matched to experienced professionals across a variety of sectors.  They involve a partnership between mentor and mentee based on sharing information, knowledge and experiences to support learning and career growth.  

The schemes allow you to extend your knowledge of your chosen sector, to gain a greater understanding of the roles available, to build your confidence and to extend your professional network. 

The Career Mentoring Programme matches current students with professional mentors. The mentors come from a range of subject disciplines and will have over three years of professional experience in their sector. The scheme runs for approximately 5 months and it is expected that mentors and students will have a minimum of five meetings.

The programme for 2020/21 is now closed and will re-open in the autumn of 2021.

If you would like further information please email the mentoring team.

Use the free resources below to brush up on your skills and enhance your employability

The university careers portal offers a wide selection of e-learning pathways including business skills, IT skills career possibilities, challenges and change and managers and leaders.

Our partner, Bright Network, offers the Bright Network Academy, an e-learning platform packed with useful advice and information to help you prepare for the world of work and graduate applications.  The range of courses includes: Core Career Skills, Application Processes, Commercial Awareness, Psychometric Tests, Leadership Skills, How to get into Commercial Law and much more.

As a London Met student, you have access to over 4,000 expert-led online courses through LinkedIn Learning.  Explore hundreds of topics on software applications including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Adobe Acrobat and Adobe Illustrator, and professional development topics such as leadership, time management and many more.  As an added bonus, certificates of completion can be added to your LinkedIn profile.

Coursera provides a range of free learning resources from universities including the University of London, Yale, the University of Michigan and Stanford. 

Futurelearn is a platform offering a range of subject-based courses as well as wider topics such as study skills, leadership, collaborative working and project management.  You can study any topic for free, but certificates are only provided if you a subscriber.

Care leavers are welcome to use the Careers & Employability Service during their time at London Met and for up to three years after graduation. We are looking forward to working with you!

In addition to our regular services, we provide the following unique services for care leavers;

  • One to one support from a specialist careers consultant where you can discuss job searching, job applications, CVs and interview preparation. You can also talk about your future career options.
  • A termly newsletter updating you about suitable job and internship opportunities and upcoming careers events and webinars
  • An event for care leavers with input from other university services, such as Student Money and Accommodation Advice, Counselling and the Disability & Disability Service. A great opportunity for you to receive information, advice and guidance from a wide variety of professionals.

For further information, please email Tiffany Platt.

London Metropolitan University has a diverse population with students from over 150 different countries contributing to our rich learning environment.  Download our document on Programmes for Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic students  for details of a range of opportunities to allow you to develop your employability skills and help you achieve your career goals.

Download the Careers information resources for mature students  sheet for information on employment rights as well as job hunting advice.

Download the Careers resources for students with disabilities  information sheet for guidance on disclosure of disability during the recruitment process as well as a range of external organisations offering tailored support.  If you need support to access any of the services offered by the Careers and Employability team, please email Careers or call on 0207 133 4033.


Are you in your penultimate or final year of university or have you graduated within the last two years?  If so, join Change 100 and unlock your potential.  On offer is three months of paid work experience to kick start your career.

Change 100 is for talented students and graduates with disabilities or long-term health conditions - including physical, visual or hearing impairments, mental health conditions and learning disabilities and difficulties like dyslexia and dyspraxia.

For the latest news on Careers and Employability service activities, events and opportunities please follow our blog.

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