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Your award certificate and transcript will be automatically posted to you upon formal confirmation of your award. Provisional awards are not confirmed decisions and therefore your award certificate and transcript cannot be issued until your award has been formally conferred.

Your award certificate and transcript will be sent to your registered home address on your student record. For this reason, it is very important that you keep your home address up-to-date otherwise your certificate and transcript (and other important University correspondence) may not reach you. To check or edit your home address please log onto Evision in the normal manner. If you no longer have Evision access please contact your School Office.

Please remember that your documents are normally posted 6 weeks after the conferral of your award by the University's Awards Board (normally in March, July and October). The University cannot release your certificate and transcript if you are suspended from University for Financial or Academic reasons or any debts or items on loan from the University's Libraries.

If you require proof of your qualification for a potential employer then you can supply an 'Award Confirmation' letter confirming your course and degree classification.  This letter is generally accepted by potential employers in place of the actual certificate or transcript.

Your initial transcript issued by the University which accompanies your certificate is issued for free, however, you may normally be able to obtain a copy of your transcript at any point via your at a cost of £12 for the first copy and £2 for each additional copy, when ordered in the same transaction.

Please note: Award certificates are not issued at your award ceremony.

When you graduate, you will receive an Academic Transcript.  This document contains the details of your course, your results and your overall award.

University prizes and some non-degree related activities can also be included in your Academic Transcript, as they show wider success and experience beyond academic achievement. There is a national recommendation to standardise this information in a document called the Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR). 

National standard

London Met is currently working towards fully implementing the HEAR for our students. The current London Met Academic Transcript follows the format of the HEAR and has been introduced for graduates awarded their degrees from July 2014 onwards. 

It is designed to demonstrate how you have made the most of your time at University, acquiring skills and experience that enhance your employability.

Making graduates more employable

As well as providing opportunities to have fun, socialise and develop your skills and experience, the additional activities you do during your university career will help to distinguish you from other graduates with similar qualifications. The HEAR form will capture these, and enable employers to easily see and appreciate your achievements. 

The activities which are currently being recorded on the transcript are:

Green Impact Auditor

Student Ambassador

Officers and members of the Student Council

Students' Union Officer

Student Academic Representative (StAR) 

Verve Media Leader or Volunteer

PASS Scheme (peer-assisted student success)

East London Business Alliance (ELBA) Club Programme

The London Met Employability Award

Accelerator Launchpad Programme

London Met Student Enterprise

Accelerator Market Trader

Career Mentoring Programme

Please note, we can only include activities that can be verified by the University on the transcript, and for which we hold the data. This means that you must notify the University of your extra-curricular activities during your studies so records can be kept.

To enquire about including more activities in your transcript, please contact: awards@londonmet.ac.uk

Damaged certificates

The University can replace a damaged certificate at a charge of £30 as long as the original certificate is returned to the University. A replacement fee will not be charged if the certificate has been damaged whilst being sent to you; as long as proof can be provided that the damage was caused during postage.

If the original has been destroyed and cannot be returned or lost whilst being posted to the university then it will be treated as a lost certificate.

Lost certificates

The University can replace lost certificates at a charge of £30. If you require a replacement, please email awards@londonmet.ac.uk and we will send you a Declaration Form. 

Lost Transcript

The University can replace a lost transcript at a cost of £12 for the first copy and £2 for each additional copy when ordered in the same transaction. Requests must be made directly to you. 

The University can supply certified copies of your certificate at a cost of £12 for the first copy and £2 for each additional copy when ordered in the same transaction. These can only be supplied after the original certificate has been issued. If you require certified copies, please email awards@londonmet.ac.uk.

The University can supply certified copies of your transcript at a cost of £12 for the first copy and £2 for each additional copy when ordered in the same transaction. Requests must be made directly through Eshop. However, we cannot issue you with a transcript if you are suspended.

The University can provide a letter that confirms the value and standard of the original University of North London/London Guildhall University award is guaranteed by London Metropolitan University. For information regarding your entitlement to a London Metropolitan University, London Guildhall University or University of North London certificate please download the document below:

Merger Information (Word Document) 

We do not provide certificates for pre-1992 awards given by the Polytechnic of North London or the City of London Polytechnic.

For verification of degrees awarded by the Council of National Academic Awards (CNAA) you will need to contact the Open University. The Open University provides a Pro-Forma Verification in a similar format to an award certificate.

Contact Details (Open University)
Website www.open.ac.uk/validate
Telephone 020 7430 2322
Fax 020 7447 2523
Address Open University
44 Bedford Row

For verification of Higher National Diplomas (HNDs) and Higher National Certificates (HNCs) awarded by BTEC you will need to contact Edexcel.

Contact Details (Edexcel)
Website https://qualifications.pearson.com/en/home.html

Frequently Asked Questions

Graduate Attribute A1 - Self awareness

  • To have the attribute of knowing oneself - capable of developing criteria of judgement and evaluation of personal strengths and weaknesses; capable of self evaluation against the criteria of others and able appropriately and effectively to challenge received opinion and reflect on action.
  • The new Honours graduate is able to seek and make use of feedback. S/he is able to plan and follow through a continuous professional development plan whether within a vocational or an academic career, using her/his skills to evaluate personal development needs and to find, evaluate and effectively use resources for self-development and continuous learning.
  • The Honours graduate can represent her/his own abilities with confidence and self esteem, making use of communications media appropriate to the circumstances, and responding to challenge about her/his abilities in a professional manner. The graduate can take responsibility for her/his own work and be able to critique it.

Graduate Attribute A2 - Performance in a variety of idioms and contexts

  • To have the attribute of understanding the limits and applicability of the subject discipline and to be able to perform as a graduate in a variety of idioms and contexts by incorporating into personal, subject and professional practice, a fluent awareness of the subject and the wider picture, and to be able to communicate this effectively.
  • The Honours graduate is able to perform as a graduate in a variety of idioms and contexts, with a fluent awareness of the subject(s) and an ability to see the wider picture.
  • Can interact effectively within a team/learning/professional group, recognising, supporting or being proactive in leadership, able to negotiate in a professional context and manage conflict. Can engage effectively in debate in a professional manner and produce detailed and coherent reports.

Graduate Attribute A3 - Creative and ethical

  • To have the attribute of working through problems and making creative and purposeful change and adaptation with an awareness of ethical and moral codes and demonstrating integrity of conduct.
  • The Honours graduate is confident and flexible in identifying and defining complex problems and the application of appropriate knowledge, tools/methods to their solution.
  • At this level the graduate is aware of personal responsibility and professional codes of conduct and can incorporate a critical ethical dimension in complex unpredictable contexts where problem solving requires creativity, change and adaptation, and, as appropriate, an awareness of and a respect for cultural diversity.

A transcript is a document issued on behalf of the University which verifies the marks given to a student in respect of individual modules within a course. A transcript is automatically issued to all students other than those on short courses only if you have obtained a final award, if you have not obtained a final award a transcript is only issued by request from your School Office.

A certificate is a formal document issued on behalf of the University which verifies that a student has achieved a specific award. A certificate is automatically issued to all students other than those on short courses only if you have obtained a final award, a certificate cannot be released if you do not have a final award.

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