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When advertising vacancies, employers usually present their requirements in terms of experience, knowledge and skills.  Although the skills needed will vary depending on the type of vacancy on offer, the skills most commonly sought by employers include:

  • Communication: for example, the ability to communicate effectively with colleagues and clients, present information in a group setting/formal meeting and write concisely and clearly.
  • Teamwork and leadership: the ability to work cooperatively with others is essential in most work settings, and in some graduate roles the ability to support and motivate others will be important.
  • Planning, organisation, and time management: these skills relate to the ability to plan tasks or activities and carry them out effectively.  This might include setting goals and priorities, being able to work under pressure and manage your time to meet deadlines.
  • Problem-solving: this involves being able to identify the nature of a problem, think through a logical response and then generate, evaluate and implement solutions. 
  • Research and analysis: includes seeking out relevant information or data, evaluating and interpreting it and reaching a rational conclusion or recommendation. 
  • IT skills and digital literacy: as well as familiarity with commonly used packages or specialist software related to your field this skill set would include competence in the use of social media.  It also relates to gathering, analysing and arranging information in a logical way.

When looking for work, it is essential to identify the skills you have to offer and then illustrate through your application that you meet the needs of the employer. A more comprehensive description of graduate work skills and how they might be assessed through the recruitment and selection process can be found on the Graduate Employability Skills  document.

Your Careers Portal includes tools to help you to recognise your skills, including identifying strengths as well as weaker areas and ideas on how to build on these.  You will continually develop skills through your studies but there are also many opportunities at London Met to practice and develop skills outside the curriculum. Download the Developing your skills  document for ideas.  


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