Personal timetables

The University produces a personal timetable for each student allocating them to specific lectures and seminars. It is important that you follow your personalised timetable. Please note that it may not work with Internet Explorer.

  • New Undergraduate students - personal timetables will be available from the beginning of September (February for Spring entry) to prospective students who have accepted their place.
  • Continuing Undergraduate students - where returning undergraduate students have confirmed a programme of modules and completed re-enrolment their personal timetable will be accessible from the beginning of September.
  • New Postgraduate students personal timetables will be available from the beginning of September (February for Spring entry) to prospective students who have accepted their place.

Personal timetable FAQ

There are two ways for a student to use the system.

Personal Timetables - Providing that you have registered modules for 2018/19 and have enrolled (or preregistred if you are a new student) you will be able to see your personal timetable by entering your network login and usual password at the log in prompt and then clicking 'Personal'. Your username and password is the one you use to access the University network, your University email, and the Evision system. It consists of three letters and three numbers and is printed on your University ID Card. Your password will have been advised to you previously. Once logged in, you should click on the 'My Timetable' button.

Module Timeslots - If you want to look at the timeslots of modules for which you are not registered you do this by simply going to Module Catalogue. You do not need to enter your username and password.

If you don't know your password or are having difficulties logging on to the University network you should contact your local IT Helpdesk who will be able to assist you.

You are expected to follow your personal timetable. Only if your circumstances are exceptional please contact your Student Hub.

You can attend only those modules for which you have registered and if you miss the registration deadline you may not be allowed to register your preferred modules. Once registered, there is a very limited opportunity (i.e. no later than the end of week 2 of the academic year) in which to change, or withdraw from, modules.

If you can't see your registered modules on the screen, you should contact your Student Hub as soon as possible.

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