Fitness to Study

The University recognises the importance of a student's health and wellbeing in relation to his/her academic progression and wider university experience.

The Fitness to Study Regulations is intended as a framework to be used by staff when a student's ability to progress academically and function at university appears to be detrimentally affected by their health or other circumstances.

Section 05 Fitness to Study  (2020/21)

Section 05 Fitness to Study (2021/22)

School Nominees

Each School has a Nominee who handles Fitness to Study Matters:

Emma Davenport - School of Art, Architecture and Design

Jan Bamford - Guildhall School of Business and Law

Elena Moschini - School of Computing and Digital Media

John Crook - School of Social Professions

Steven Curtis - School of Social Sciences

Chris Bax - School of Human Sciences

If the Proctor is not available for consultation the staff member should contact the University Secretary's Office.

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