Fitness to Study

The University recognises the importance of a student's health and wellbeing in relation to their academic progression and wider university experience.

The Fitness to Study Regulations is intended as a framework to be used by staff when a student's ability to progress academically and function at university appears to be detrimentally affected by their health or other circumstances.

Fitness to Study Policy 2023-24 (2023/24)

Fitness to Study Policy 2022-23  (2022/23)

Section 05 Fitness to Study (2021/22)

School Nominees

Emma Davenport - School of Art, Architecture and Design

Ioannis Soilemetzidis - Guildhall School of Business and Law

Elena Moschini - School of Computing and Digital Media 

Brian Tutt - School of Social Sciences and Professions 

Dr Don Green - School of Human Sciences

Student will be invited to a meeting with the Head of Student Services (or nominee), the School Head of Student Experience and Academic Outcomes from their School, and if applicable, a representative Advisor within Student Services.

The meeting is led by the Head of Student Services (or nominee) with the Head of Student Experience and Academic Outcomes acting in a supportive / advisory role to consider the academic pathway. The role of the Student Services representative is to help facilitate discussion, give guidance on the support available, provide relevant information, and to facilitate later assessment (if deemed necessary).

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