Attendance and Engagement

Attendance is the rate at which students are present in a lecture or a session. Your attendance is usually measured through in-class registration. Student engagement monitors how students interact with different aspects of their programme of study and other university services. Student engagement can also assess the number of hours students invest in using the University's online services including the Virtual Learning Environment.

You must engage in all aspects of the teaching and learning of your course. Students are expected to attend all taught sessions in person. Taught sessions are any teaching or learning activity, this can be lectures, seminars and practical sessions. Students who are engaged are more likely to succeed in their studies and have an improved experience of University life. 

Your attendance is captured using MyAttendanceIt is recommended that you attend all of your classes. If you repeatedly miss scheduled teaching, your School Office or a member of academic staff will contact you to find out if you need some support to get back on track with your studies. Following any outreach from a staff member regarding your attendance, we will continue to review and monitor your engagement, and we may reach out to you again if your attendance does not improve. Therefore, we encourage students to reach out to us if you are experiencing any difficulties in attending your classes, or if we can be of any support. In worse case scenarios, continued low attendance may result in a formal warning which can put you at risk of being withdrawn from your course.

Please note that viewing and participating in scheduled on-campus teaching sessions via webcast or other remote means of participation is not captured as attendance.

A change in your level of attendance may indicate that you are in a situation that makes attendance difficult. We want you to be successful and engaged throughout your studies and there is plenty of support available at London Met. Your Academic Mentor can support you with catching up on anything you have missed and preparing for your assessments. London Met Student Services can provide personal support such as finance and money advice, wellbeing and disability as well as other specialist advice. Head to their webpages to learn more about the support available.

If you are on a student visa you will be contacted by the International Support and Compliance team to discuss your attendance. For more information see the Visa Conditions During your Studies webpage.

You should get in touch with your module leader if you are unable to attend any of your scheduled taught sessions. If you find yourself in a situation where you feel you need to take a short break from your studies you can ask your Course Leader to allow you to have an authorised absence of up to 3 weeks. Visit our webpage for more information.

Information regarding what do and who to contact if you are withdrawn from the course due to non-attendance can be found in the Appeals Policy and Procedure 2023-24

Links to relevant Regulations that explain attendance requirements:

Academic Regulations 2023-24 (section 4.8)


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