Apprentices’ Careers Information

Although as an apprentice you are already in a professional role, we offer bespoke careers advice to help you plan for your future, during and post-apprenticeship study. We can advise you on making the most of the skills, knowledge and behaviours you are learning as you progress through the apprenticeship, including updating your CV or preparing for an interview for you next career step. 

We guarantee to offer impartial support and advice, whether you are considering how to move up the career ladder with your current employer, a different employer or even consider a change of profession. 

As an apprentice, we provide you with access to the same services as all learners at the University. Additionally, the Careers and Employability Team will support you for three years following the end of your apprenticeship. 

As a student of London Metropolitan University, you can unlock the full potential of your learning journey with LinkedIn Learning. You can access our dedicated LinkedIn Learning student portal - a dynamic and expanding repository of instructional videos and tutorials spanning various software, technologies, and business subjects. Logging in requires your University email address, password and having a LinkedIn Account is useful to have, particularly if you want to showcase your course completions and experience.  

Here are some suggested topics: 

Succeed at work 

Setting goals and SMART targets 

Communicating with confidence 

Creating great first impressions 

Identifying what employers are looking for 

Job Skills: Learning the Basics 

Interpersonal Communication 

Business Etiquette: Phone, Email, and Text 

Business Etiquette: Meetings, Meals, and Networking Events 

Personal development and resilience 

The Step-By-Step Guide to Reinventing Yourself 

Success Habits 

Enhancing Resilience 

Cultivating a Growth Mindset 

Overcoming ‘imposter syndrome’ 

Develop your professional brand 

Digital body language 

Rock Your LinkedIn profile 

Planning your career and your life 

Interview master class 

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) method of self-directed process and the organised reflective learning empowers you to oversee your continual growth and establish career development objectives in the short, medium, and long-term. CPD encompasses both formal and informal training, work shadowing, mentoring and self-directed learning whilst with your current employer. 

Many professional bodies extend CPD opportunities to their members. If you are not already a member, it will be worthwhile to explore joining one.  

As a Degree Apprentice you can meet online or in person with our team of Careers Consultants to benefit from 1:1 support, offering you guidance to clarify your thoughts and create a strategic plan to reach your goals. Whether you need assistance with your career development strategy, job search techniques or any other career-related matters, we're here to help.  
Appointments are conveniently available from Monday to Friday, including lunchtimes and evenings, ensuring accessibility during the working hours of degree apprenticeship students. You can take advantage of these tailored sessions to enhance your career prospects! 

Extended 45-minute Careers Guidance sessions are an option for students, from a standard 20-minute Careers appointment and can be accessible through referral. These appointments are flexible, taking place either in person or remotely, allowing you to opt for a telephone call, Teams call, or an in-person meeting according to your preference. Do take advantage of this opportunity to discuss your career decisions and receive comprehensive guidance tailored to your needs. 

Apprentices can visit our careers portal events and activities page to find a listing of the careers events taking place over the next few weeks.  Some of these will be delivered by the Careers and Employability team (book your place through the mycareer events page), others are delivered by employers, external and partner organisations. 

The Student Enterprise Team at London Met provide support to apprentices, students and recent graduates. They aim to help individuals cultivate and develop their entrepreneurial potential by providing one-to-one sessions and various activities throughout the year, enriching student experience and leading to successful launches of student and graduate businesses.  

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