How to borrow a Chromebook

London Met students with a valid student card and library record.  The service is currently not available to staff, external readers or visitors.

The Chromebook is checked out to a student’s library account.  Similar to borrowing books, students will need to resolve any outstanding issues with their library account to allow borrowing.

Students must use their Student ID to borrow Chromebooks.

  • Touch screen to begin
  • Select Borrow
  • Swipe student card on card reader under the touch screen
  • Accept terms and conditions
  • The next available Chromebook locker will flash
  • Re-swipe student card at the locker tower (this is to ensure that the student has not been distracted and to ensure that they only unlock the door when they are standing in front of the locker).
  • Door unlocked
  • Student removes device
  • Shut locker door

Ensure the Chromebook is shut down

  • Select ‘Return’ - scan Student card
  • Display locker to return the device to.  Students are always sent back to the same locker bay from which they borrowed the device.
  • Unlock the door (no need to re-ID as there is no device in the locker bay)
  • Open door
  • Plug in Chromebook to charger lead.  (Note: You must do this otherwise the Chromebook will not be registered as having been returned.)
  • Shut the locker door.  (Again, you must do this or the Chromebook will not be registered as having been returned.)

The Chromebook will still be checked out to the user’s Library account.

Yes, a student can only return a Chromebook with the same student card that was used to borrow the Chromebook.

The student is responsible for the Chromebook during the loan period.  The Chromebook shouldn’t be left unattended at any time or loaned to anyone else.  If there is an issue with a Chromebook the student should notify a member of IT or Library staff.

A total of 48 Chromebooks are available: 36 at Holloway and 12 at Aldgate.

Chromebooks can be borrowed for four hours.  After returning a Chromebook, a student can borrow another Chromebook if there is one available.

A Chromebook can be borrowed once it is at least 80% charged.

Yes, fees will be charged for stolen, lost or damaged Chromebooks.

A student can check their library account to see when they have to return the Chromebook.

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