Small Steps, Big Difference

Small Steps, Big Difference

Small steps to a healthier mind

Looking after your mental health is as important as your physical health, and although the path to wellbeing can be challenging, and is different for everyone, there are lots of small steps you can take to make a big difference to your mental health.

The Small Steps, Big Difference campaign highlights the fantastic wellbeing resources and services available to you at London Met, and suggests the small steps you can take to improving your wellbeing and prioritising self-care.

As the Tanzanian proverb says ‘Little by little, a little becomes a lot’ and the Swahili proverb says ‘Little by little fills the bucket. Great things are accomplished by small deeds’.

Read on for more information about our wellbeing provision at London Met, and find out about our support, initiatives and services below. You don’t have to struggle alone, we are here for you.

Student wellbeing and health is front and centre of our commitment to students at London Metropolitan University. Our University Strategy aims for over 90% of our students to continue with their studies. In order for this journey to be the best possible experience, we are committed to support the health and wellbeing of each and every student so that they can achieve their fullest potential. Students are supported emotionally and practically with easy to access help, through a variety of online and face-to-face provision.

Key to delivering a healthy university environment is to make sure that students and staff feel safe and included. This principal is embedded in our culture and supported by our Equity, Diversity and Inclusion policies and our Centre for Equity and Inclusion which sits at the heart of the University as the ideological driving force behind its pedagogy, citizenship development, the student experience and workplace culture.

Our Student Services team is there to provide a comprehensive range of student support which can be accessed by phone or email. They are supported by our Student Mental Health Policy and our Wellbeing Strategy 2022-23 . Below are links to our student support services:

The University is committed to continual improvement and review of its policies in line with the needs of our community.

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