Hardship Fund

The Summer Hardship Fund provides financial support to help you to access and remain in higher education, and can help alleviate unexpected financial hardship. 

Summer Hardship Fund application form

Summer Hardship Fund guidance notes

The Summer Hardship Fund opens on Monday 19 June 2017.

Applications to the Summer Hardship Fund are only available for students who will be continuing their studies, as final year students are deemed to have completed their course, and as such are ineligible to apply. Please refer to the guidance notes for full eligibility for the Summer Hardship Fund.

The Summer Hardship Fund works in the same way as the the Hardship Support Fund - it provides financial support to help you to access and remain in higher education, and it can help alleviate unexpected financial hardship. Summer Hardship Fund payments can be used to help with course-related costs such as childcare costs and general living costs such as rent, food, and utility costs. Payments can also be used to meet exceptional costs, such as repairs to essential household equipment, assistance with priority debts, and other emergency situations that arise. The fund is not designed to meet the cost of tuition fees. You will need to explain any of the above in your personal statement.

Fully completed application forms and documents need to be submitted to your Student Hub. Your Student Hub cannot process incomplete forms, or forms with missing documents. It is the aim of the Summer Hardship Fund committee to assess applications within 4 weeks of submission, although this could be longer during busy periods.

Due to the limited funding available, the Summer Hardship Fund will close on Friday 28 July 2017, or earlier if the funds are exhausted.


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