ID cards

Please go to your Student Hub for ID card queries or a replacement ID card. Students are issued with an ID card at enrolment.

You will have been issued with an ID card at enrolment. You will need your card to access all of the University's buildings and to take your examinations. It also acts as your library card and contains your computer network log-in details. This card should last for the duration of your course so please take good care of it. Each time you re-enrol your details will be updated. 

Never allow someone else to use your card or use someone else's card. This will be treated as a disciplinary offence. 

The photo that was taken or uploaded to create your card is held on one of the University's secure databases and is only used within the University for identification and security purposes. 

If you have lost your student ID card or it is not working because it is damaged then you will need to pay for a replacement. The charge is £12, which can pay for online via the University's eShop or can pay at the Cashiers Office in the Holloway campus. Remember also to inform the Library to prevent someone else taking books out on your account. 

After making your payment you will be given a receipt, which you must then take to one of the Student Hubs where a new card can be printed for you immediately. You do not need to supply a new photograph, as your new card will be a copy of the original card.

If your card has been stolen, you can supply a Police report with a Crime Reference Number and we will issue a new card free of charge.

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