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Each course has a fee which a student must pay in order to enrol on a course.  In this section you will find all the relevant details regarding fees.

It is the responsibility of every student to pay tuition fees and we will ask you to show proof of your tuition fee payment at enrolment.

  • If you are sponsored, or receive a student loan, your fees will be paid directly by your sponsorship organisation or the Student Loans Company. You will need to show evidence of your loan or sponsorship on enrolment. Doing this quickly should mean that there is no delay to your enrolment and student loan being paid.
  • If you are paying your tuition fees yourself then you are required to do this before you can enrol. For details of methods and terms of payment.  

You must have completed online preregistration before you attend your enrolment session. During your preregistration we will ask you to formally confirm that you accept responsibility for the tuition fees due for that academic year.

If you need further information regarding funding, please see the funding and money advice page.

By re-enrolling online, you are also confirming that you accept responsibility for the tuition fees due for that academic year. There are a number of ways to ensure your fees are paid:

  • If all your fees are paid via the Student Loans Company you do NOT have to show your Assessment Letter/Payment Schedule to University, as confirmation of your re-enrolment will be sent to the Student Loans Company directly after you have re-enrolled.
  • If you are paying all of the tuition fees yourself these must either be paid in full or paid via an approved instalment Plan agreed with Accounts Receivable in the Finance department.
  • If your tuition fees are being paid partly by you and partly by the Student Loans Company, you must pay the remainder of the fees payment  online through ePayments or at the University's finance office.

Re-enrolment is conditional upon you having paid all fees from the previous year.

There are a range of funding options available to Postgraduate students including the new Postgraduate Loan, available to students meeting the eligibility and course criteria.

Overseas students usually have to pay a deposit equal to 50% of the tuition fees for the first year. This must be paid before starting the course, however students who need to apply for a Tier 4 visa will be required to pay this deposit before a CAS can be assigned. Those who win full scholarships do not pay a deposit.

The CAS Application Portal

We offer a number of bursaries and course fee reductions to UK and EU students starting with us in the 2017/18 academic year, to support your studies. You'll be able to put this towards a laptop, childcare, books or accommodation. A little bit of help gets you one step further to achieving your chosen career.

The London Met three year bursary

We're offering £1,000 cash bursaries every year to all students on a three-year degree programme and in receipt of the full Maintenance loan. That's a potential £ 3,000 in total. Students must successfully progress on to their next academic course year to receive future payments and have an attendance rate of at least 75%. (Other criteria apply). 

Extended degree bursaries

We offer a range of bursaries and fee reductions for students studying extended degrees (four years of study) and in receipt of the full Maintenance loan. You could also get £1,000 cash if you progress from Year 0 to Year 1 and £1,000 if you pass Year 0 with at least 75%. Students must successfully progress on to their next academic course year to receive future payments and have an attendance rate of at least 75%. (Other criteria apply).

The University bursary is administered by the Student Loans Company on behalf of the University, if you have queries about the administration of the bursary please email our Student Fees and Funding Office.

If you are beginning an Extended degree at London Met in 2018/19 a new bursary package may be available to you to support your studies.

Tuition fee waivers and refunds will automatically be processed once you have formally withdrawn or intermitted from your studies according to the University's fee policy. Please click the following links for details of how to request to withdraw or take a break from your studies.

Resident in England - Student Finance England

  • Tel: 0300 100 0607
    (open Mon-Fri from 8.00am to 8.00pm and between 9.00am and 4.00pm on Sat-Sun)
  • Minicom: 0300 100 0620 Resident in Wales - Student Finance Wales

Resident in Wales - Student Finance Wales and Welsh version

  • Tel: 0300 200 4050
    (open 8am-8pm Mon - Fri and between 9am-1pm on Saturday).
  • Minicom: 0300 100 1693

Resident in Northern Ireland - Student Finance NI

  • Tel: 0300 100 0077
    (open Mon-Fri from 8.00am-8.00pm and between 9.00am-4.00pm on Sat-Sun).
  • Minicom: 0300 100 0625

Resident in Scotland - Student Awards Agency for Scotland (SAAS)

  • Tel: 0300 555 0505 (open 8.30am - 5.00pm ( 4.30pm on Fridays) 8.00am - 6.00pm (4.30pm on Fridays) from early June to mid October).

Income Section

Please contact us if you need further information on tuition fees payment options, discounts, refunds, private sponsorship and suspension and reinstatement.

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020 7133 2060

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Income Collection and Cashiers offices are open from 9.00am to 5.00pm Monday to Friday.

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