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Please see the information on coursework below. Information is also available on submitting coursework.

Online submission confirmation will not show on Evision. For a Weblearn assignment, once you have submitted online you can check that you have submitted successfully by checking your submission information; if your Weblearn assignment shows you have submitted, and the submission time is before 3pm on the day of your deadline, you have submitted correctly. You will also be sent a submission email to your University email address (if you wish the receipt to go to an address other than your University email account please use the University’s email forwarding facility) and it is very important that you open this and download the digital receipt.

If your submission is via Turnitin you should download the digital receipt which is available via Weblearn immediately after you have submitted your work. You also receive a confirmation email from the system but this does not contain all of the details found in the digital receipt.

For hardcopy submissions, the coversheet barcode is electronically scanned by your Student Hub and confirmation of submission is directly recorded on to Evision. An immediate electronic receipt, confirming submission, will also be sent to your University email address. Your submission will also be available to view immediately within Evision via the ‘Record of My Coursework Submissions’ page.

It is important that you retain your confirmation email or electronic receipt in case of any future queries. Students are advised to set up a coursework receipt folder in their email. It is also essential that you keep a copy of the coursework until the results are published on Evision.

The generic deadline for coursework reassessment tasks is Monday on 30 July 2018 - 3pm.

For all undergraduate February starters studying Level 4 30 Credit Modules, the deadline for all reassessment tasks is Wednesday on 12 September 2018 - 3pm.

Please note a component passed after reassessment will be capped at the bare pass mark (40% for undergraduate modules and 50% postgraduate modules).

Where students have a coursework reassessment opportunity in the summer reassessment period, in the great majority of cases the requirement will be to rework and improve the original submission. Most students will therefore already be familiar with the task. Students who need to check the task should find this via Weblearn, and in many cases it will also be detailed in the Module Booklet.

However, there are cases where a reassessment coursework task is set to replace the original task - such as groupwork or a presentation (the change in type of assessment is normally detailed in the Module Booklet.) In such cases the coursework task will be published on the reassessment coursework tasks web page.

If your original assessment task was coursework then your reassessment will also be coursework and in most cases you will be expected to submit your work in the same format as for the original assignment, i.e. online or hardcopy. However, please note that time-constrained assessments, such as In Class Tests, are normally considered as exams in the reassessment period. You should check ExamTrack for details.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, coursework can still be submitted outside normal Student Hub hours using the drop-box facility. Coursework submitted via the drop-box will be scanned and logged within 3 working days. An email receipt will be sent to you when the coursework coversheet has been scanned.

Sometimes Evision access can be suspended if, for example, you are in debt to the University. If this is the case students will still, in most cases, be eligible to submit coursework. In such cases you should contact your Student Hub for advice.

When problems occur with University's IT systems these are normally rectified fairly quickly and hopefully any problems preventing you from printing a coversheet will be remedied in time for your submission. You should check regularly to see if the problem has been rectified and print your coursework coversheet when you are able. However, if your coursework submission deadline is imminent and you are still not able to print a coversheet, you should take your coursework directly to the Student Hub without a printed coversheet. In exceptional circumstances such as IT failure, the Student Hub staff will be able to provide you with an alternative/replacement coversheet for you to attach to your coursework.

Generally, and in order to minimise problems of this nature, you are advised to print your coursework coversheet and submit your coursework in good time before the deadline.

If the coursework is a group assignment a single member of the group - normally the ‘Group Secretary’ - should print the relevant coursework coversheet from Evision and write the Student ID numbers for all group members in the relevant section on page 1 of the coversheet. Your Student Hub will ensure that the work is logged as submitted for all students listed on this section of the form.

If your coursework is an artefact, for example a piece of artwork, it is to be submitted to the School rather than at an Student Hub. A coursework coversheet should still be printed from Evision and handed-in to your School. Your School will pass the coversheet to your Student Hub where your submission of coursework will be logged on the Student Record System.

Normally, coursework coversheets will be available for printing from around the fourth week of the semester or academic year for year-long modules. However, if there is coursework you are required to submit before week 4 this will be listed in Evision in good time to allow a coursework coversheet to be generated, and before the coversheets for your remaining coursework are available via Evision.

Yes, an email receipt will be generated and sent to your University email address when the coversheet barcode has been scanned at the Student Hub. You will also be able to log on to Evision and view the submission status of your coursework using the Evision page ‘Record of My Coursework Submissions’. If you would like your email receipt to go to an email address other than your University email address, the University’s email forwarding facility should be used.

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