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Icons for assistive software on London Met computers

Assistive software helps all students access learning materials and complete assignments. This section looks at the software available on London Met computers, software provided by the Disabled Students' Allowance and freely available assistive software.  Below you will find software information and links to video tutorials, many of which are provided by assistive technology specialists, Diversity and Ability.

Computers for student use at London Met have a range of assistive software. London Met is not able to provide copies of the software below for personal use. The Disabled Students' Allowance (DSA) may provide copies of these and other software as part of a DSA support package.

ClaroRead plus

You can find ClaroRead plus on the desktop on all London Met computers. ClaroRead Plus helps you with reading and writing tasks. If you find reading difficult, tiring or have a slow reading speed, you may benefit from listening to your reading material. ClaroRead plus reads aloud most reading material, including your own work. Watch the tutorials below for further instructions. 

Reading with ClaroRead plus

Proofreading with ClaroRead plus

Choosing your ClaroRead plus voice


FreeMind is another mind mapping software.FreeMind can be found on the program list from the start menu or by typing 'Freemind' into the search bar next to the Windows Start icon. 


You can find Zotero in the program list of all London Met computers or by typing 'Zotero' into the search bar next to the Windows Start icon. Zotero collects your references and inserts them into your assignment. You can get help with Zotero from your Academic Liaison Librarian. You can download Zotero to your home laptop or computer from Zotero’s website.

Find out more about referencing through Library Matters, a Weblearn module developed by the library. Read the section devoted to Zotero and other referencing software. Don't forget to check the London Met referencing guidance to make sure your references and citations are correctly formatted. 

Collecting references with Zotero

Citing with Zotero

Creating a reference list with Zotero

Windows accessibility features

Click the Start button, select All Programs then click on Ease of Access. Here you will find Windows Magnifier and Narrator. Magnifier enlarges sections of the screen, the whole screen or the area around the cursor. A narrator reads text on the screen and describes visual notifications.

To launch the Magnifier use the keyboard shortcut: Windows key and +

The DSA can provide students with individual copies of assistive software. The DSA will also provide specialist training to teach you how to use the software. Below are the most commonly recommended softwares.

Dragon Naturally Speaking

Dragon is a speech-to-text software. It recognises your speech and types for you. You could use speech-to-text software if you find putting ideas into writing difficult, your typing speed is slow or you find typing difficult. Produce your written assignments quickly and confidently and let Dragon tackle spelling.

Benefits of using speech-to-text

Getting started with Dragon 

Dictating to Dragon

Sonocent Audio Notetaker

Do you find your notes don't capture all the information from your lecture? Many students use lecture recordings for full and accurate lecture notes which better support their assignments and revision. Sonocent Audio Notetaker combines your lecture recording with presentation slides and your own notes and pictures.

Sonocent Audio Notetaker: an introduction

Using Sonocent Audio Notetaker

Read&Write Gold

This is another Text-to-Speech software that is similar to Claro Read. It highlights text as it reads out aloud. You can also make a 'word cloud' of the text to see which words are mentioned most frequently.

Read&Write Gold for PC

Get Organised

Alarmy Logo


Alarmy - Set challenges to make sure you wake up on time

(iPad and iPhone)



Microsoft To Do - Create to do lists easily

(multi-platform App)



Google Drive - Easily access your work anywhere

(multi-platform App)



Google Calendar - Stay organised and set reminders

(multi-platform App)


Stay Focused


Noisli - Block out sounds and listen to soothing noises

(multi-platform App)



Focus Keeper - Set a timer to stay focused on your work

(Apple and Google Play Store) 


Reading and Proofreading


Microsoft Lens - Take high-quality photos of your books and board

(Apple and Google Play Store) 



Cam Scanner - Turn your phone into a scanner

(multi-platform App)



Natural Reader - Listen to your text being read out loud

(online and Google Chrome App)




Evernote - Make effective notes easily

(multi-platform App)



Microsoft OneNote - Make notes and write assignments

(multi-platform App - including Apple Store / Google Play Store)



Mindly - Create mind maps

(multi-platform App)



Ginger - Spell checking and proofreading

(multi-platform App)



Grammarly - Check the grammar and spelling of your work

(multi-platform App)



Speechnotes - Turn your voice into text

(Web App and Google Play Store




Zotero - Collect, organise and cite references

(multi-platform App)



Quizlet Logo


Quizlet - Quiz to revise

(multi-platform App)


Goconqr Logo


Goconqr - An integrated suite of content creation tools for each step of the learning journey

(multi-platform App)


AbilityNet Logo 

AbilityNet Free IT support at home 

Free support to help you get the most from your technology.

1-2-1 Advice and Information line: 0800 269 545

Note: this service is operating as a phone service during social distancing

AbilityNet Logo 

AbilityNet Technology Factsheets

Free factsheets providing advice and information about how computers and other digital technologies can help people with a range of conditions / disabilities

AbilityNet Logo

My computer my way - An AbilityNet Guide

Help to make your device easier to use

DnA Logo


DnA App Guide

An introduction to useful apps, freeware and Open Source Software Strategies


DnA Logo


DnA Apps and software library






Ask questions for advice about your health  





NHS Health Help Now App

Get advice on your health



NHS Apps Library

Find apps and online tools to help you manage your health and wellbeing




NHS Mental Health Apps

Find apps and online tools to help you manage your mental health


Order your prescriptions online from home




Fabulous Google Play Store App

Set your own self-care goals and get healthy


SAM Logo



Understand and manage anxiety



Kooth – Online Chat Support

Free, safe and anonymous online support for young people


Mindshift Logo




MindShift Google Play Store App

Strategies to cope with anxiety



Clear Fear Apple Store App

Manage anxiety


Wysa Logo


Wysa Apple Store App

Talk remotely to someone about your Mental Health



eQuoo Apple Store App

Adventure games designed by psychologists to help you increase your emotional fitness and teach you new psychological skills



Woebot App

Self-care advice (multi-platform App)



My Sugr

Check and monitor your sugar intake and diabetes on your phone (multi-platform App)





My Diabetes My Way App

Monitor your diabetes on your phone




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