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During the 22/23 academic year, DDS will be providing technology strategy workshops that will be available to all London Metropolitan students. Our autumn workshops will be running during late October (see below for details) and are aimed at new students and also those wishing to improve their technology-based study skills.  

To book your place see the 'How do I register?' tab below. 

So Get Tech Ready, Get Tech GO! and make the most of the IT that is available to you.

During the workshops a range of technology tools will be demonstrated including: 

  • MS Office 365
  • Adobe Reader
  • Google Chrome and Google Apps
  • Windows Accessibility Tools
  • ClaroRead Plus
  • Inspiration
  • Grammarly

Factsheets are available to attendees detailing how to access the tools above, many of which are available for free or at no cost to London Metropolitan University students. 

Students are welcome to attend any of the individual workshops offered below.  However, Get Tech Go workshops have been planned as a series with strategies linking from workshop to workshop.  Students are therefore encouraged to attend all workshops for optimal benefit.   

Workshop 1

Workshop 1 will focus on technology strategies to aid with reading. It will include: 

  • Adapting onscreen text to aid with the reading process.
  • Adapting display properties to make the onscreen text easier to read.  
  • Finding and gathering useful information.   

Workshop 2

Workshop 2 will focus on technology strategies to aid with reading, proof-reading and processing information. It will include:

  • Using text to speech to have onscreen text read aloud.  
  • Converting digital text into audio files.  
  • Converting inaccessible PDF documents into accessible text.

Workshop 3

Workshop 3 will focus on technology strategies to aid with note-taking, organisation and planning. It will include:

  • Naming and organising digital study resources to help find information efficiently.
  • Organising information and ideas using visual planning tools.
  • Organising information and notes using MS OneNote.
  • Using time management tools.

Workshop 4

Workshop 4 will focus on technology strategies to aid with writing and proofreading (checking your work). It will include: 

  • Using predictive text tools to aid with writing. 
  • Using speech to text tools - dictate text into your computer.  
  • Using MS Office proofreading tools.
  • Using Grammarly to check your writing.
  • Using Inspiration to aid the writing process.
  • Workshop 1: Monday 20th February 1pm to 2pm
  • Workshop 2: Tuesday 21st February 1pm to 2pm 
  • Workshop 3: Thursday 23rd February 1pm to 2pm 
  • Workshop 4: Friday 24th February 1pm to 2pm

See the 'How do I register?' tab below to book your place.

All of the Get Tech Go workshops will be taking place on campus. 

  • Workshop 1: TM2-01, yellow zone (Monday 20th February 1pm to 2pm)
  • Workshop 2: TM2-01, yellow zone (Tuesday 21st February 1pm to 2pm) 
  • Workshop 3: TM2-01, yellow zone (Thursday 23rd February 1pm to 2pm) 
  • Workshop 4: TMG-09, red zone (Friday 24th February 1pm to 2pm)

If you wish to attend any of the workshops please book your place via the Eventbrite links below:

Please note: If you wish to attend all four workshops you must book your place for each one. 

If you have any queries concerning your booking please contact us via email or telephone +44 (0)20 7320 2848.

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