Individual Needs Assessment Report (INAR)

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During your meeting with a DDS Advisor there will be an opportunity to discuss areas of difficulty resulting from your disability or condition with reference to the demands of your course. Subsequently, the DDS will prepare a package of adjustments to support you during your time at the University. These adjustments will be documented in your Individual Needs Assessment Report, commonly referred to as an INAR.

Your INAR is a bespoke document that will record the adjustments that the University will make to support you. It has two key sections:

Section 1 - Summary information

The first section summarises relevant information about your disability or condition and how this impacts upon your studies.  It will be prepared with reference to the discussion you have with your DDS Advisor when you meet with them, and also the medical documentation / SpLD diagnostic assessment report that you provide. 

Section 2 - Reasonable adjustments

The second section documents the reasonable adjustments that have been agreed and the area of the University responsible. These areas include:

  • School staff.
  • The Assessment Team.
  • The Estates team.
  • The Library Team.
  • The Disabilities and Dyslexia Service.
  • The Health and Safety Team.

You will be informed that your INAR is active via your University email address. Persons at the University responsible for your adjustments will also be informed. 

Step 1: Contact DDS and provide medical documentation or a full Diagnostic Assessment report (for SpLDs such as dyslexia). Please see our 'Medical documentation: information and guidance' webpage for more information about the documentation we require. 

Step 2: We will contact you to invite you to meet with a DDS Advisor. During your meeting areas of needs and the adjustments that the University will make will be discussed. You will also be able to ask questions concerning your support package. 

As your INAR contains personal information we require your consent before it is shared with others at the University. Your DDS Advisor will discuss this with you during your meeting. Your INAR will only be shared with your consent, and only with those involved with setting up your support. We ask that your confidentiality is respected by those with whom your INAR is shared.

Step 3: After meeting with you your DDS Advisor will prepare your INAR.  You will receive a confirmation email via your University email address when your INAR is active.

To help ensure that personal information remains confidential we do not email INARs. However, your INAR will be available for you to view and download at any time via Evision.

INAR location on student Evision page 2022 

  • Step 1 - Log into Evision.
  • Step 2 - Navigate to 'My Home Page'.
  • Step 3 - Select the link 'View adjustments currently in place (INAR)'.

If the INAR link is missing or broken, please contact DDS.

It may be necessary to alter the adjustments noted in your INAR if there has been a change in your condition, if you have a new diagnosis / condition, or if you change courses. Your INAR can be reviewed and updated whenever needed during your time at London Metropolitan University. Please contact your DDS Advisor if you wish to discuss changes to your INAR.

Please note that in order to tailor support to your needs we may require you to provide additional medical documentation in the event of a new diagnosis / condition, or if there has been a significant change in your diagnosis / condition. 

Some students may receive a coursework cover sheet. This will be emailed directly to you by your DDS Advisor as an attachment. If you are provided with a coursework cover sheet you should save it to a memorable location so that you can easily find it when you need to submit coursework. 

Coursework cover sheets should be inserted as the first page of written assignments (before the first page of your work). When you first receive your cover sheet, check that you can copy and paste it easily as per the guidance below.

For hard copy submissions, print and staple the cover sheet as the first page of the assignment.

Inserting your coursework cover sheet for online submissions:

  • Open your saved coursework cover sheet document.
  • 'Select' the whole page (keyboard shortcut - 'Ctrl A').
  • Right click on the highlighted area and select 'Copy' (keyboard shortcut - 'Ctrl C').
  • Open your assignment.
  • Right click at the beginning of your work.
  • Select 'Paste' (keyboard shortcut - 'Ctrl V')
  • Ensure your assignment begins on a fresh page (i.e. page 2)

Please note, your work cannot be remarked if you forget to attach your cover sheet.

Unless approved by DDS, use of a coursework cover sheet is prohibited. Inappropriate use of a coursework cover sheet will result in disciplinary action.

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