Seen Exam Papers

What is published in this section?

The purpose of this section is to publish to students:

  • Seen exam papers
  • Seen questions extracted from part-seen exam papers
  • Case studies which need to be seen in advance

Accessing the paper 
To view the seen paper for your module, click on the link below and find the relevant document in the next page. You may then print a copy of the paper. 

Paper missing? 
If you cannot find the paper you are looking for, that is either because the module leader has not yet provided the paper to the Student Records and Assessment Office or because the module leader has specifically requested that the paper should be published at a later date. Please query with your module leader or tutor. 

Exam period and publication date 
This section relates to the Autumn Semester 2023 exam period, 16 to 27 January and 09 to 13 January for GSBL Level 4 and 5 exams only.

Seen papers will normally appear in this section from Monday 12 December 2022, however there may be a few exceptional cases where the module leader has requested the material be published on an alternative date. 


Students should access and print their seen paper from this website themselves. If for any reason they are unable to access the web, students may visit their School Office who may assist by accessing the site for the student. Offices do not have ready-printed copies to distribute.

See below from Monday 12 December 2022 for the seen papers:



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