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Student Hubs frequently asked questions

Any request to change group will require authorization from the module leader who should email the Student Hub directly.

Group changes are not permitted after the second week of teaching unless there is a clash with another module.



If you wish to drop a module, this may have an impact on your mode of attendance (depending on how many modules you are currently registered for).

UG student Full time – needs to be registered for 90 credits or above

PG student full time – needs to be registered for 120 credits or above

If dropping a module will result in a changing your mode of study (e.g. from full time to part time), this could have financial implications, and affect the amount of Student Finance you are entitled to.

You should seek advice from the Student Money and Accommodation Advice team before making a request to drop a module.



Replacement ID cards can be purchased through the eshop using the link below. Please bring your receipt to the Student Hub and we can print you a new one.

If your card has been stolen, you can supply a Police report with a Crime Reference Number and we will issue a new card free of charge.

We understand that you may encounter exceptional circumstances resulting in you needing to take a break from your studies; if you find yourself in this situation. then please read the following guidance carefully to ensure that you fully understand the implications of taking a break from your studies.

Taking a break forms can be submitted via the Student Hub website. Before submitting the form, you should arrange a meeting with the course leader informing them of your request. If it is agreed they will respond back to the Hub confirming the authorisation. 

You will also need to speak to a Student Money and Accommodation Advisor to ensure that you are aware of any financial implications for the remainder period of your studies. The Advisor will notify the Hub via email following your meeting.

Once we have confirmation from both your course leader and the Money Advisor, we will process your request and update your record.

As a full time undergraduate student, the maximum credits you can be registered for in one academic year is 120 credits.

Where there are more optional modules available within your level of study you may be permitted to take additional 30 credits on top of the already 120 credits on the authorization from the Course Leader leader only. They should email this directly to the Student Hub.

  • Additional credits cannot clash with any existing modules registered.

As a part time undergraduate student, the maximum credits you can be registered for in one academic year is 90 credits.

As a part time postgraduate student, the maximum credits you can be registered for in one academic year is 120. Any amount above this will result in your mode of attendance changing to full time.

If you are a returning student and your progression decision is to remain part time, you cannot add additional modules to change your mode of attendance.

You may check your attendance record on Evision. If you believe that your attendance record is incorrect (for example it is showing that you didn't attend the class, but you know you did) then you should speak with your module leader who may correct this for you.

Failure to maintain an acceptable level of attendance can lead to you being withdrawn from a module or even your course. It is therefore important that you attend classes regularly, and that you also check your attendance has been recorded correctly.

Please view the link below to find information about student loans on the London Met website (including tuition fees and maintenance).

You can also find guidance through the student finance section on the website.  

Information on the hardship fund can be found on the link below:

Completed forms can be submitted to the Student Hub; please note deadlines apply (see the link for details).

If you need to request a name change, you will need to present formal documentation (e.g. marriage certificate, current passport, deed poll certificate) to the Student Hub, where staff will be able to take your details and get the record updated.

Full time students

If you are a full time student, you can choose your modules by logging in to Evision. You are given 2 weeks to select your modules, after which time, you will be given a default programme.

You can check that your modules are correctly registered by viewing the course catalogue via the link below:

If you still wish to change your modules, you must do this before the end of week 2 of teaching. Please complete the module change form


Part time students

If you are a part time student, you should complete the online module registration form to register your modules. 

You should refer to the course catalogue which details the modules for your course. This can be accessed using the link below:

Full time students usually do not have to pay Council Tax. If you live alone or in a household where everyone is a student then you will not need to pay Council Tax as the property will be 'exempt'.

You can request a Council Tax Exemption Letter from your Student Hub and then give it to your local Council office. You must have completed your face-to-face enrolment before you will be eligible for a letter.

You can visit or email the Student Hub – we can print you a letter there and then, or we can email it to you. You must be fully enrolled to get this letter as it confirms your current student status.

You will need to let us know which bank you wish to go to, including the branch details. Most banks require this information on the letter. You are usually only entitled to one student bank account, so decide which bank you wish to visit in advance. Please note, your name must be on your student record exactly as it shows on your passport, or the bank will not accept it.

You can visit or email the Student Hub – we can print you a letter there and then, or we can email it to you. You must be fully enrolled to get a current student status letter.

If you have applied through UCAS you will need to log into UCAS Track (the hub for students to keep track of their UCAS applications) and reply there. You can find a full guide here.

If you have applied directly to London Met, you should reply through the student portal – login here.

You need to formally confirm your intention to withdraw from the University by completing the withdrawal request on your Evision account. You can find the withdrawal request within the My Progress section of Evision.

Further information can be found on the link below:

TechSmart is available for student queries – see link for opening hours and other contact details.

You should reset your password or if this does not work contact UCAS directly. 

You should withdraw from your other choices on UCAS track in order to add London Met on UCAS extra or Clearing.

The Student Liaison Team provides advice and assistance to students who experience challenges – whether personal or professional – to help you get the support you need to succeed in your studies.

They can provide information and advice relating to academic and personal support available at London Met, as well as support services in your local area. They also provide coaching & mentoring to help you get back on track to achieve your goals.

If you are struggling with your studies, or there are circumstances hindering you from doing your best here at London Met, you can contact the Student Liaison Team via email at, or you may call your Student Hub on 020 7133 7001 and they can put you in touch with the Student Liaison Adviser for your School.


You can rebook your English Test by logging onto Eventbrite directly through the invitation link sent out to you.

Non-attendance in class may result in the termination of your student registration. This is a decision to terminate your enrolment at the University, after which you would cease to be a student of the University. 

It is important that you attend all your classes, to ensure that your enrolment is not terminated. You can view your attendance records by logging in to Evision. If you believe your attendance has been recorded incorrectly, please contact the relevant module leader to rectify this. 

If you are experiencing any issues that are impacting upon your ability to attend classes, we recommend that you contact the Student Liaison Team to arrange an appointment with your Student Liaison Adviser. We can help you to explore available support services relevant to your circumstances. You may email us at 


If you have missed your enrolment deadline, send an email to our Admissions department at Where they will provide you information on the next earliest intake as you will not be able to start that semester.  

As a New student

If you are a full time student starting at level 4 you will be given a default set of modules. 

As a part time student you will be contacted by the Student Hub to discuss your module choices


As a Returning student

You will be given a default set of modules. You will have the first two weeks of the term to change your modules, after this time you will be unable to make any changes.

If you have not received your bursary, please contact

Student finance can take a while to provide a decision – we would advise you to contact them should you urgently require an update.

If you want to add an Extra choice you must decline the offers you are given; this will open up the UCAS Extra functionality on UCA Track. UCAS Extra guide is here.

You will need to request to be released by your firm choice and then we will automatically become your firm choice. The other institution may request a confirmation letter from us allowing them to do this.

You can update your contact details via Evision - further information can be found on the link below:

Your attendance is recorded by your module tutors any can only be amended by the same person. If your attendance record is incorrect, please contact your module tutor so they may correct this for you.



There may be an occasion where you are unable to attend a class due to circumstances beyond your control. If you are unable to attend a class you should contact your module leader(s) who may be able to authorise your absence depending on the situation. If approved, they will record that you were authorised to be absent from class on that occasion.  
You may be granted up to three weeks of Authorised Absence.
Please refer to the Post-Enrolment Obligations policy within the General Student Regulations for further information.


Log in to the application portal to upload your document, if you are unsure how to do so refer to the initial application confirmation email.

If you are now in receipt of a tuition fee loan, Student Finance will let the university know directly.


A bursary or grant is money that is paid directly into your bank account that you don't have to pay back. Often this money comes with few restrictions and can be used to help cover your living costs whilst studying.

Bursaries or grants may have strict eligibility criteria. Available bursaries and grants can depend on your level of study and where you are from. Find out how to apply for the different bursaries and grants at London Met by selecting their titles from the listings below.


We would be happy to receive an application for a future intake – unfortunately we would not be able to consider for the current intake unless they are able to provide addition qualifications.

If you are a returning student, your fee will be displayed on evision when you complete your re-enrolment. If you have any further queries, please contact

If you are a new student, details of tuition fees can be found on the following link:


The Student Charter sets out the mutual expectations and obligations between the University and Students. It establishes rights, responsibilities and expectations to support you in your studies, help you to flourish in shaping your future and empower you to fulfil your full potential.

The University is committed to providing a high quality service to its learning community. If you have concerns about the service you have received we want to hear about it. We will use your feedback as an opportunity to help you and to learn how we may improve our service. Further information about how to make a complaint and how the University will deal with your complaint can be found in the link below:

10 working days although we aim to provide an update prior to that time.

We would advise to meet your conditions at your earliest opportunity. We would advise you to make sure you meet any conditions before your enrolment date so as to avoid missing any of your course.

If you are an International student give yourself plenty of time in order to apply for their visa. Dates and deadlines for international students.

You are able to apply at any time however we would advise you to apply at your earliest convenience to avoid undue stress. The government provides specific guidance about when to apply that can be found on the link below: 

In 2018/19, bursaries will be paid in 3 instalments.

Students who began their course in September will receive the instalments in October, February and April.

Students who began their course in Febrauary will receive the instalments in February, April and June.

Each payment is subject to the student's attendance. 

To book your pre-counselling appointment please visit your Student Hub where they can book an appointment for you.  

All new students have a welcome timetable to introduce you to the university and your course. These sessions take place during the first week of university and you are expected to attend all sessions on your welcome timetable.

To view your welcome timetable please visit

You may also read more on the New Student web pages:

If you require an academic or character reference, requests should be directed to an academic member of staff who is familiar with your work (such as your course leader, module leader or dissertation supervisor).

The Student Hub can only provide factual references which detail the course you are studying/have studied, the date you enrolled, your expected end date/date of completion, and your award.

The Student Money and Accommodation Advice team provides confidential, face-to-face drop-in sessions and appointments on a range of issues from undergraduate and postgraduate funding for Home and EU students, to accommodation in student halls and private rented accommodation in London.

They offer support with making your funding application to Student Finance England or its non-UK team, and advice and help with resolving any difficulties you might have in the process with Student Finance England.

They also provide funding advice if you are considering changing, suspending, or leaving your course, and support in liaising with other University teams, for example, the Student Fees Office and the Income Section.

During the summer vacation, advisers are available for appointments at various times Monday to Friday, at Holloway Road Learning Centre and at Aldgate, and on Wednesdays at the Moorgate Hub. You can now book an appointment with a Student Money and Accommodation Adviser online. Click HERE to book an appointment 

For further information, please visit the link below:

There could be a variety of reasons:

Have you been fully approved for your support as it can take up to 6 weeks to be approved
Once you have been approved you will receive a Notification of Entitlement letter explaining your funding

Are you fully enrolled at London Met for the current academic year?
London Met are unable to confirm your attendance for student finance until you are fully enrolled. When you are fully enrolled confirmation will be sent that day.

Does the Student Loans Company have your bank details?
You can update your bank details online. You can do this by logging into your student finance account and clicking on ‘Update My Profile’.

Does the SLC have your national insurance number?
Your loan can not be paid till your national insurance number is checked with HMRC, this can take up to a week after your application is approved.


Please visit the Student Hub with the confirmation letter of payment which should include your student support number. We will be able to update your details on our records, and your account will update overnight. You must have completed your enrolment before you will receive the payment.


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