2019/20 Course handbooks - undergraduate

Course handbooks appear in alphabetical order and will be uploaded as and when they are complete. If your course handbook is not yet listed below, please check back nearer to the start of term.

Undergraduate courses beginning with letter A to I

Illustration and Animation - UDILLANI

Illustration and Animation (including foundation year) - UDILLAFY

Illustration and Animation (Top-Up) - UDILMION

Illustration and Animation (with preparatory semester) - UDISAMPS

Interior Architecture and Design - UDINARDE

Interior Architecture and Design (including foundation year) - UDINADFY

Interior Architecture and Design (Top-up) - UDINADES

Interior Architecture and Design (with preparatory semester) - UDIATDPS

Interior Design - UDINTDGN

Interior Design (including foundation year) - UDINDEFY

Interior Design (Top-up) - UDITRDSN

Interior Design (with preparatory semester) - UDITDSPS

Interior Design and Decoration - UDINDEDE

Interior Design and Decoration (including foundation year) - UDINDDFY

Interior Design and Decoration (Top-up) - UDINDDEC

International Business Management - UDINBUSM

International Business Management (Top-Up) - UDINBUST

International Foundation Programme Architecture and Interior Design - UOIFPAID

International Foundation Programme Art Media and Design - UOIFPAMD

International Foundation Programme Business Management - UOIFPBSM

International Foundation Programme Computing, Technology and Mathematics - UOIFP

International Foundation Programme Law - UOIFPLAW

International Foundation Programme Sciences - UOIFPSCI

International Foundation Programme Social Sciences and Humanities - UOIFPSSH

International Relations - UDINTRLT

International Relations (including foundation year) - UDINTRFY

International Relations and Law - UDINRLAW

International Relations and Politics - UDINRPOL

International Relations and Politics Extended Degree (including foundation year)

International Relations, Peace and Conflict Studies - UDIRPCST

International Relations with Arabic - UDIRLARA  

International Relations with French - UDIRLFRE

International Relations with Languages - UDIRLLAN

International Relations with Spanish - UDIRLSPA


Undergraduate courses beginning with letter J to Z

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