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Panorama shot of Holloway Road from the top of the Tower building London Met University

CONTENT WARNING: This post contains information about an incident involving violence which may be distressing for some members of our community.


On 23 November, there was a dramatic incident involving the police and some young Black men in a car outside of the University’s campus on Holloway Road. 

At the moment we do not have any further details however we believe that no London Met students or staff were involved in the incident. Witnessing such distressing events can be traumatising.

As well as safeguarding the physical safety and security of our staff and students, we are committed to ensuring the mental wellbeing of our community too. 

Our counselling team, which includes dedicated support for students of colour, have been informed of the incident and they are available to talk. If you witnessed yesterday’s incident and are in need of support, please get in touch with them.

Support is also available through external organisations, such as the Black, African and Asian Therapy Network

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