Your voice

Here at London Met we are keen that students have the opportunity to share their views and opinions in order to improve and enhance the student experience. To do this we undertake a number of student surveys throughout the year.

The regular student surveys that take place at London Met are:

  • University Wide Services Survey - November
  • Student Led Module Feedback Scheme - November  
  • National Student Survey (NSS) - January - April
  • Course evaluation survey - April 

Other ways to have your say!

There are many other opportunities for you to comment on your student experience throughout the year. Please use our feedback schemes to ‘Tell Us’ about your experience. If you would like to give informal feedback or would like to ask a question about your time here at London Met contact your Academic Tutor.

Please complete our online feedback form to help improve our IT support services

Student Reps represent students on their course, meeting academic staff regularly to raise issues and to work with the University to help improve courses and the student experience. Student Reps ensure your student voice is heard.  They are a vital link between you, the University and the Students' Union.

Student Reps are there for you to feedback on your course and to voice the views and opinions of students at meetings with key members of staff.  If you'd like to have a positive impact on the student experience - visit the MetSU website for more information.

- School of Computing & Digital Media Student Reps/staff 


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