Met Food: Cafes on campus

A pop-up food stall at Holloway Courtyard with customers and other people sitting at a table

Welcome BaxterStorey!

Our caterers BaxterStorey, provide you with a variety of exciting food to our campuses.

The Junction has now closed for an exciting refurbishment, watch this space for more information, however during this time we have made changes to the Rocket to provide a catering offer in there along with space for socialising, group works and games. 

And a reminder, if you bring a reusable cup to one of our catering outlets/cafes, you get a 25p discount on all hot drinks.

We would love to get your feedback

We would be delighted to hear from you about your thoughts on our catering facilities and food, so we can make improvements that meet your needs and preferences. Your feedback is invaluable to us, and we are eager to hear what you have to say!

Blue Met

The Blue Met will be transformed to create a craft Extract Coffee Roasters brew bar and grab-and-go destination. The beverage offer features locally roasted speciality Cast Iron blend coffee alongside social enterprise plastic-free NEMI tea, with loyalty cards and a 25p discount for bringing your cup! For the food, our freshly made Society grab & go range featuring wraps, salads, sandwiches and pots will sit alongside a rotating bakery offer of pastries, cakes and savoury items. To finish it off, we have included a range of drinks and confectionary from local, sustainable and social impact suppliers.

When is it open?

Term time hours: 8am to 5pm

The Highbury Canteen 

Bringing the capital's vibrant food hall and street food scene to London Met! This show kitchen concept will offer an elevated foodie experience, with dishes cooked or finished live. This will run alongside a mains counter where you'll get to experience your classic delights, such as chicken katsu curry. What's more, our salad bar will offer a huge variety of fresh ingredients and sauces, you can pop in and create your personalised healthy salad with all your favourite things combined.

When is it open?

Term time hours: 12pm to 2.30pm 

The Junction will be closed from 3 January

The Menus are Bi-Weekly so they alternate every week. 

Week 1 ( 19 - 23 Feb) ( 4- 8 Mar) 

Week 2 - ( 12- 15 Feb)  ( 26 Feb - 1 Mar) 


The Atrium 

The Atrium Cafe has been transformed into a one-stop shop for expertly made barista coffee & fresh hot offer daily. There will be a wide variety of simple & premium sandwiches, salads & wraps, along with a daily changing hot pot offer and a Wasteknot soup in addition to hot breakfast rolls, seasonal pastries, and ready-to-grab, cold breakfast pots. An offer to suit every need & want.

When is it open?

Term time hours: 8am to 5pm

March spring closure
  • All outlets will close on 22 March 2024
April opening
  • All outlets will open from 8 April 2024
July summer closure
  • Blue Met remains open for staff over the summer break
  • Highbury Canteen will close from 12 July 2024
  • The Rocket will close on 26 July 2024 
  • The Atrium will close on 12 July 2024

Get a loyalty card, collect 8 stamps and get a free beverage 


 Grab a coffee and a pastry for £3.00


Grab a tea and a pastry for £2.00

Junior has his very own pop-up restaurant throughout the year, offering a taste of new and interesting cuisines. Keep an eye out below for the next pop-up dates:

Please stay tuned for the Next Junior's Pop-up.


Monday 12 February: Valentine's Latte 

Tuesday 13 February: Shrove Tuesday  

Thursday 22 February: Flaming Food Counter  

Stay tuned for the next partnerships on campus. 

We have multiple locations on campus where students and staff can heat their food. Here are the locations where you can find microwaves:
Graduate Centre
The Rainbow Room 

We will be looking at setting up our gardening club with the aim of having an onsite garden so we can grow our produce and work with the sustainability team.

Throughout this year, we will be working with BaxterStorey; we plan to further develop menus, flavours and styles of service to create a new catering strategy that will take us into a new long-term contract tender. We need your input and feedback to make this work. To let us know what you think, scan the QR codes in the catering outlets or drop us an email at

We will be commencing the Catering Working Group, made up of staff and students, to discuss our needs, and you can complete our survey to give your opinions on our catering needs.

Staff Events 

If you're planning an internal event and need catering services, our Event Guide page is the perfect resource for you. You can find all the information you need on how to book an event and arrange catering under the booking forms tab. Simply head over to the page and follow the instructions provided. We're here to help make your event a success!

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