Artificial Intelligence and Academic Integrity

The use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) Apps such as ChatGPT to produce work for assessment could constitute plagiarism. The University helps students to produce their own work with confidence in many ways, including support with understanding assessments, research, academic writing and referencing.

London Metropolitan University is aware of the high-profile discussions and debates about the use of Artificial Intelligence Apps such as ChatGPT for text and Midjourney for images. 

You may have heard about these tools, or even have used them, but you should be aware that their use could risk breaching University regulations and be regarded as Academic Misconduct.  

Their use could, for example, constitute plagiarism, where someone presents someone else's work, findings, data, ideas, or research and as their own. 

Academic Integrity means being honest in your academic work and your studies and making sure that you acknowledge the work of others and giving credit where you have used other people's ideas as part of presenting your arguments. 

Your assessment submissions must therefore always be entirely your own work, based on your own learning and appropriately referenced. We urge caution, when it comes to the use of these apps as research tools because the information they present is not always trustworthy or accurate. Over reliance on these tools could lead to poor academic practice or academic misconduct, and therefore it is best to discuss their use with your course team. 

The University is reviewing its approaches to assessment, teaching, and other policies in the light of these emerging technologies, as well as reviewing the ways their use is detected. We are also aware that these technologies may offer great opportunities in some disciplines and once properly understood may assist learners in positive ways in the future. We will keep students up to date.

If you have already used an AI (Artificial Intelligence) application such as ChatGPT to assist you to write an assignment for submission, please discuss this with your course leader or academic mentor. You also need to be aware that technological solutions that are being put in place in Turnitin and other platforms, to detect the use of ChatGPT and other AI tools in submissions. We can support you to be confident in producing your own work to the best standard possible.

If you need support with your assessments and with academic writing, support is available from the University in several ways: 


  1. Your school's Academic Mentors can help understand what is required for your assessment and to find the right resources Academic Mentors - Student Zone ( 
  2. The London Met Study Hub is a great resource, with guidance on plagiarism and referencing but also help with reading, note taking, critical thinking and creative learning StudyHub ( 
  3. Your school's Academic Liaison Librarians can help you with finding and using information for your studies Library - Student Zone ( 


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