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Not waving, but drowning...

In reference to the Stevie Smith poem (1953), we chose this title to highlight the disconnection between what we feel and what we express, as well as what we express and what other people hear; more than that, the even worse fate of waiting to speak our emotional and psychological needs until it's too late, an endemic phenomenon in our institution and Higher Education as a whole.  

Is student mental health, wellbeing and emotionally literacy important to you?

Are you interested in helping the University support student mental health, wellbeing and emotional literacy in more effective, creative ways? If your answer is 'yes', then the Healthy Campus Initiative might be of interest to you, so please keep reading - the University needs your help!  


  • Finding your balance - Let's Talk: a support group for students which will focus on individual wellbeing frequency.
  • Weekly Wellbeing drop-in sessions every Thursday starting 2nd February 2023 | 3pm to 4pm.
  • Support Group for survivors of abuse starting 10th February | 1pm to 2.30pm

The Healthy Campus Initiative is a project which aims to explore, identify and make recommendations on how we, as a university community (that is, students and staff), can address the increasing levels of student mental ill-health, wellbeing and emotional literacy challenges our university is, and many others are, currently facing. We are doing this in response to the sector-wide increase in mental ill-health prevalence and to the worryingly high numbers of students reporting wellbeing and emotional concerns. Students across the country are reporting more and more mental, emotional and general wellbeing challenges. The initiative will take the form of a number of workshops and discussion-based groups supporting staff and students respectively.

We want the Healthy Campus Initiative to be as creative and inclusive as possible, and for this to happen, it needs diversity of opinion, diversity of experience, and student and staff representation. For this reason, we are seeking representation from each School, from staff from a broad range of backgrounds and disciplines, and from you - our student body.  

A confidential support group for students of colour or students identifying as BAME, transitioning through a period of unprecedented change. 

Offering a chance to voice, share and connect in a respectful and courageous space. The group can shape its own agenda and will be facilitated by our Student Counsellors from the BAME community. 

Whilst the Coronavirus is new, systemic racism is not. We are offering spaces in a group for Black and Brown students affected by recent events to express, feel heard and gain support - Real Talk and Real Listening. 

Let’s Talk About Us: wellbeing sessions for students of colour, focusing on self-care and wellbeing strategies

Dates: TBC

Contact: Students can email: for more information

Who is the group for? 

The group is open to any current student of any gender who has experienced any form of sexual violence, including child sexual abuse.

What is the group for?

The group aims to create a safe, confidential space where survivors can come together and share experiences, make sense of trauma symptoms and explore coping strategies. We hope it will help survivors to help each other to feel less isolated and more free and resourced while at university.

Topics we may explore include: the effect of trauma on the brain; navigating friendships and relationships; speaking out about our needs; family issues; academic/study skills and asking for support; and more. 

When and where? 

The sessions will run for six weeks

Date: From Friday 10th February

Time: 1.00pm - 2.30pm

The group plans to run at Holloway Rd campus, though it may move online depending on the needs of the majority of interested participants. This will be discussed with each person prior to the group starting.

Who runs the group? 

The group will be run by experienced facilitator, Sejal Chad (survivor-focussed counsellor and art psychotherapist, Counselling Service).

How can I join?

To make it as safe a space as possible, we will be limiting numbers and closing the group after the second session. For this reason, please email: as soon as possible if you would like to attend or explore the option further.

After hearing from you we will arrange a time to have a telephone call with you to discuss any questions and needs you may have, and consider together if the group could be the right support for you at this time. 

We look forward to hearing from you. 

This is a support group for students which will focus on individual wellbeing frequency. The sessions will explore student wellbeing, mindfulness techniques and creative exercises. 

Sessions will run for six weeks, each week exploring different aspects of wellbeing and self-care for students.

Date: From Thursday 2nd February 2023

Time: 1.00pm - 2:00pm 

To register your interest please contact by Friday 27th January 2023, further information will be sent out to interested participants individually. 

The counselling team will be running weekly drop-in sessions every Thursday from 2nd February 2023.

Each week a space to just be you. No need to book, just drop in when you wish.

Time: 3pm – 4pm

Room: TM1-25 (Red Zone) Tower Building

The space will offer:

  • A selection of one to one and group creative activities
  • Open group discussion
  • A opportunity to find out more about one to one counselling sessions


  • Learning better coping strategies
  • Grow through shared experiences
  • Focus on self-care

For further information please contact

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