Module result publication dates

Module results are published via Evision after Subject Standards Boards have confirmed module results. The publication dates are:

Autumn Semester 2023/24 UG Autumn Semester 15-credit modules,
PG Autumn Semester modules
22 February 2024
Spring Semester 2023/24 UG 30-credit modules,
UG Spring Semester 15-credit modules,
PG Spring Semester modules
20 June 2024
Summer Reassessment 2023/24   16 August 2024
Postgraduate Dissertations Summer 2022/23   5 October 2023
Postgraduate Dissertations Summer 2023/24   3 October 2024
  Undergraduate - February Starters  
30 Credit Modules Level 4 - 2024
Main Publication

15 August 2024

  Reassessment Publication 12 September 2024

Module results cannot be released to students over the telephone therefore it is important to check Evision

There are a small number of courses that have non-standard timescales. In such cases, results will be published on a different timescale to the above. Please contact your School Office if you require further information.

Module and Award queries

If you believe an error has been made in the computation of your total marks for a module, level or award you should submit a Module Query Form within two weeks of the publication date of the assessment concerned. Students who can provide a good reason for missing the deadline should submit a Procedural Defect Appeal Form, attaching a completed Module Query Form. Any corrected mark(s), as a result of the query, will be entered into your record regardless of whether it is higher, or lower than the original mark(s).

Please note - If you are unhappy with a module mark awarded you should contact the relevant tutor for feedback.

The University has 20 working days to resolve your query. If you have not received a response within 20 working days after the submission of the Module Results Query Form you can submit a Procedural Defect appeal form.

Frequently Asked Questions

This means you have passed the module overall but have a reassessment in a component, normally as a result of an approved mitigating circumstances decision.

This means that your overall module mark has been capped. Please refer to the Academic Regulations for further information.

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