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Thank you to all of you who completed the survey regarding enrolment and the non-teaching services offered by the University. We asked every student enrolled for the 2018/19 academic year who use the University buildings and received responses from 11% of the population.  Highlights of the survey results can be found below.

There was an increase in satisfaction with the whole enrolment process of 6.8% compared to autumn 2017 with 81% of respondents rating the service excellent or very good; and an amazing increase of 14.6% in the rating of helpfulness of the staff involved from 73.3% to 87.9%

86% of you were very satisfied or satisfied with the service offered by the Hub's with a 90% rating for the courtesy and professionalism of the staff.

You said:

 ‘Impeccable service!’

‘Great new system with phone numbers. Much better!’


‘Big improvement over the years. Staff are really friendly.’

‘I love the new ticket system. It pleases me to not have to stay at the hub to wait for my turn. Thank you to whoever thought of this.’

‘Keep up the good work.’

Our response:

In 2018/19 the Hubs will continue to focus on customer service training for all frontline staff so that we can continue the growth in delivering an excellent service.

85.3% of respondents rated the service provided by the libraries as excellent or very good which was an increase of 5.3% based on last year’s score. With some fantastic scores relating to specific service areas:

Service Area Autumn 2018/19 Autumn 2017/18 Increase
% Very satisfied/ satisfied
Study Zones 91.50% 88.20% 3.50%
Library environment 91.30% 89.80% 1.50%
Communication 95.20% 92.20% 3.00%
Help at the Information Desk 94.00% 92.70% 1.30%
Help from your Academic Liaison Librarian 92.30% 91.60% 0.70%

 ‘Library at Holloway campus – AMAZING’

‘Library staff are EXCELLENT’.

‘ our academic librarian is brilliant, any time I have a query I email her’

‘The best part of’ the ‘university is the library.’

Our response:

The new reading list software introduced in October 2018 has markedly improved discoverability and accessibility of journals and other resources and we will start a programme of training students to ensure that they can exploit the new system.

We will continue to promote  all  the facilities available at both our Libraries and their wonderful facilities. A significant proportion of  the materials are available in e-format and we prioritise the purchase of e-books/journals which are available 24/7 anywhere with an internet connection

We are currently investigating the possibility of weekend extended opening hours for the Library during the exam periods.

Our student services department increased their excellent very good rating  by 4.8% to 71.0%; with our counselling and international teams increasing their specific satisfaction rating by 8.7% and 6.1% respectively.

 You said:

‘Very good job, keep it up’.

‘Very good service, high levels of care and dedication. It’s another great ‘f’eature of Met, pastoral care and support is taken very seriously’.

 Our response:

We aim to increase our offers in support; including a range of workshops and self-help tools which will build on packages of the excellent support already offered. We will also increase awareness of our services through promotion on the Student Zone and through the Student Portal , service videos, open events and induction.

All of the University food outlets scored higher for overall service compared to 2017/18; with the Library cafe increasing its rating by 5.3%, and 4.8% more students rated the price as very satisfactory or satisfactory.

You said:

'Staff are very friendly'

'Great customer service'

'I absolutely love the rocket bar.'

Our response:

You’ll find a wide variety of food and drink offers at London Met, with Costa branded coffee shops operating alongside freshly prepared deli style catering at the Junction and Atrium cafe. Many of the University's catered spaces have recently been remodelled and brought up to date. We introduced our newly refurbished space, Highbury Canteen located in the Roding building in March 2018.  You can grab a hot drink or sit and enjoy a delicious meal. We hope you like this space as much as we do!

The overall Gym score increased by 6.9% compared to 2017/18 with 92% of respondents being very satisfied or satisfied  with the helpfulness of the gym staff. 

You said:

'It's free to join this year!'

'The gym is good, love the free gym memebership this year. Staff are always friendly and helpful.'

Our response:

London Met aims to help build fitness and exercise into your daily life. As part of our Active Lifestyles programme, the gym offers a wide range of classes from the recreational to the holistic. With our late opening times and a great range of equipment including fixed weight machines, we're here to help you on your journey to better health and wellbeing. Find out more about our gym membership and how to join.

Overall there was less concern regarding the priorty of building improvements this year although 73.8% of students felt that the toilets need to be improved.  The overall cleanliness of the toilets was rated 5.8% higher. All other University buildings were given a higher cleanliness rating compared to November 2017/18.

The overall service score for IT support increased with a 3.2% increase in the excellent or very good ratings. The professionalism and knowledge of the support staff was acknowledged with both scoring over 90% of students being very staisfied or satisfied.

You said:

'Great service with hard working staff.'

'Very helpful''the guys were very professional and helpful.'

'Excellent service given.'

Our response:

Get IT support at our TechSmart drop-in sessions. We provide advice about your devices and general IT support for students. Visit the sessions during term-time any weekday between 9.30am and 5.30pm in the Holloway Library or the Aldgate Library. Check out our IT support pages on the Student Zone for more information and guidance.

The University job shop increased its excellent or very good rating by 6.1% and the Careers information service by 4.7%.

You said:
"I found met temps amazing and now work in the gym on a Tuesday earning good money"
"Presentations, experienced people coming for lessons or festival, all those services provided by uni are very helpful"
"Really pleased with Mentoring program and helping in getting Erasmus+ Internship grant and placement. Thank you!!!"
"They know what they are doing and if you commit yourself they will ensure you get results and help you were you lack. Really happy with the careers team"
 Our response:
Students can also manage appointments with Careers Consultants and Job Shop staff through our new system and we have careers information available through an interactive portal at any time. We will continue to provide a range of accessible workshops and have also introduced Master Classes which are 30 minutes in duration.   

The prize draw has been held and the first and third prizes have already been claimed. However; the second prize of £100 in Amazon vouchers has yet to be claimed  - check your inbox you may be the winner!

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