Three floors of new teaching and learning spaces: what students told us

An artist impression of the third floor common space

We are quickly progressing towards our transformation into a modern one-campus University, with the first phase of the One Campus, One Community (OCOC) project quickly gaining momentum! The first development of OCOC is the C Block project which is the project to create brand new teaching and learning spaces and new suites in 2017 for all students. We asked you what you wanted to see in these new spaces and we've listened. Find out what we are doing in response to your feedback by clicking the tab below.

C Block is an area of the Holloway campus building where both the Estates Department and Information Technology Services are currently located. As part of the OCOC project, this area will be completely transformed into three floors of world-class teaching and learning spaces fitted out with the latest teaching technology. 

We wanted to get your views on what you think should be included in the design of your new teaching and learning spaces. Speaking to over 300 students face-to-face we asked you what you thought of the plans and what you wanted to see included in the designs for these spaces.

Students emphasised the following as being most important:

  • Group work spaces
  • Spaciousness
  • Modern design
  • Comfort
  • Creativity of the designs
  • Colour
  • Sufficient use of space

We then asked you what you wanted to see included in the design of the new facilities and what other ideas you’d like to see incorporated into the plan.

You told us that you wanted to see:

  • More seating
  • More computers and IT suites
  • Up-to-date technology
  • More outlets for laptops and phones

In response to your feedback the University is ensuring that all teaching spaces are fitted out with the latest interactive flat screen LCD monitors and teaching technology to facilitate group work and a large range of teaching methods.

A number of powering outlets will be installed in the new common spaces to allow you to work more flexibly and a new IT teaching space will also be created with the capacity to seat up to 90 people.

Each space will be furnished with modern furniture that can be configured to facilitate both group work and independent study. The spaces will be designed with a variety of brighter colours to create a more vibrant environment.

For further information on the C Block project visit our C Block renovations page where you can also view the designs.

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