Access and Participation Plan (APP)

London Met's strategy for the successful delivery of our Access and Participation Plan (APP) places the focus of institutional activity on the development of holistic inclusive academic practice and the creation of enabling environments that support students to succeed.

There are six main cross-School APP activities implemented and rolled out across all of our academic schools and these have been identified as being most impactful on our stated continuation and completion targets for the target student groups.

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Main six initiatives

Students are being employed to undertake action research based on the results of the annual Student Experience Survey (SES) and/or focus groups with a particular focus on improving the experience of BAME male and female students on their courses in a "live" manner with a view to improving the continuation rates of students.

Students can benefit from a range of academic writing, language and study skills activities co-delivered by academic mentors, teaching staff and success coaches. This will support specific academic and study skill development of students and is important to help them succeed within their discipline.

Current students and alumni will be recruited and can get involved in organising and co-creating employment activities, such as workshops or events featuring inspirational speakers and role models representing industry professionals. This is aimed at helping students to develop professional networks and utilise employment opportunities.

The PASS scheme provides invaluable peer-led, course-embedded support to students with success coaches (current Level 5 and 6 students) acting as mentors and role models. Success coach support and sessions are designed to support the creation of peer-to-peer connections, motivation to study and student networks.

A range of workshops, learning material and resources are being co-developed by academic mentors with students with a focus to support students, particularly when transitioning in between academic levels and to boost academic performance throughout these critical stages.

The citizenship programme will feed into broader University initiatives such as London Met Lab: Empowering London through engagement and recognition of extra-curricular activity. This will enhance participation and motivation for students, building their sense of belonging and motivation and enhancing their wellbeing.


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