Update your personal details

The University keeps two addresses for every student, a home (permanent) address and a term-time address. For some students, these will be the same. Please see more information below.

You are responsible for keeping your contact details up to date via Evision.

The home (permanent) address is where you would normally be in the summer vacation and where your certificate and award ceremony invitation will be sent at the end of your course. The term-time address is where we would contact you during the University year.

The name that is on your student record is the same you provided at enrolment. You can request a name change at any time while you are a student. The name printed on your certificate will be the name that is on your student record at the point of conferment of your award; a name change after which is granted only in exceptional circumstances by your School Office.

If you need to request a name change you will need to present formal documentation (eg a marriage certificate, current passport, deed poll certificate) to your School Office and your student record will be updated.

Follow these instructions to update your details:

  1. Log on to Evision.
  2. Select the My Details tab along the top of Evision screen.
  3. Select Check and Update Address and Email Details in the My Details box.
  4. Update your home and term-time addresses, your phone numbers and your personal email address.
  5. Click Store to save your changes.
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