Exceptional arrangements (Force majeure)

Changes to academic regulations

The University has made some changes to our academic regulations to protect your interests and to protect the integrity of London Met awards for all students.

Every university in the country is required to have a set of academic regulations that outline our academic standards and ensure that all of our students are treated consistently and equitably. From time to time the University needs to take exceptional measures to change its Academic Regulations. This move is only taken where the academic business of the University is disrupted by unforeseeable circumstances known as a “force majeure”. 

When we moved to remote delivery, we put in place policies to ensure that none of our students are in any way disadvantaged as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, which is a situation outside your control and the control of the University.  A decision was taken at a meeting of the University’s Learning Teaching and Quality Committee (LTQC) on 24 November to amend some of these policies. The amendments are in response to grade inflation witnessed as a result of the measures put in place; to ensure the maintenance of academic standards and the integrity of your degree; and to ensure fairness to students in their learning, teaching and assessment during the ongoing Covid-19 period. 

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The changes to your academic regulations are set out in the Exceptional Arrangements (Force Majeure) document. It’s important that you read the document and understand how this impacts on you. 

Here are the actions that we are taking to support you:

  • Everything will be provided to you online: you can access the materials you need for teaching, learning and the preparation for assessments at a time that suits you and staff will be as flexible as possible in providing support.
  • Using alternative assessments: we have made arrangements for alternative assessments to take place where appropriate. If this involves your modules, your course or module leader will communicate with you about arrangements. Alternative assessments will be used where students would find the original assessment set difficult to complete under significantly altered circumstances. 
  • We will be sympathetic in our marking:  Module leaders will be sympathetic in their approach to marking student work where students are unable to present their work in the standard format due to Covid-19 restrictions.  In the majority of cases, adjustments will have already been made to assessments to enable students to perform at their best. This additional flexibility provides module tutors with the ability to accept work in different formats.  
  • For students currently undertaking placements that relate to professional body requirements: Students required to complete placements as part of their studies will be able to do so. Where this isn’t possible because of Covid-19 restrictions then the University will take all steps to find alternative ways for students to meet this requirement.
  • Mitigating circumstances: Students who are impacted by Covid-19 in any way can use the mitigating circumstances route. Mitigating circumstances will be available in cases where students have been personally impacted by circumstances related to Covid-19. In this case, if the mitigating circumstances claim is accepted, students can be granted an extension or an uncapped resit. 

If you have any questions about this change to your academic regulations, please contact your School Office.


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