Exceptional coursework extension process


You are expected to submit all coursework by 3.00pm on the published deadline shown in your Evision account. However, if you encounter unexpected circumstances which result in you not being able to submit your work, the following options are available to you:

  1. Request an exceptional coursework extension of up to 3 working days (for a claim to be approved the circumstances MUST be exceptional and unforeseen which have prevented you from submitting your work by the deadline date);
  2. Submit a claim for mitigating circumstances if you cannot submit, even with an agreed exceptional coursework extension.

You should be aware of the following:

  1. If you know that you cannot get to the University on the deadline day then submit earlier or get someone to hand it in for you;
  2. Think carefully about whether you will actually be able to submit your work even if you get a 3 working day exceptional coursework extension. If you will not be able to submit then you should instead apply for mitigating circumstances.

Exceptional Coursework Extensions

If you want to request an exceptional extension you can ONLY do this via Evision, by following the Exceptional extensions link in the ‘My Modules’ section.

  • You can only request an extension 3 days before the deadline and no later than 24 hours after, i.e. by 3:00pm on the following day (for Friday deadlines this will be 3:00pm on Saturday)

  • The exceptional coursework extensions process only applies to first sits (not resits).

Groupwork assessments

The only time which you should not apply for an exceptional coursework extension via Evision is for groupwork assessments (where the submission is from all the students in the group). In these cases, please contact us using the enquiry form detailing the module concerned, the deadline for the work, the reasons which have prevented the group from submitting the work by the deadline and, the names and student numbers of all the students in the group.

 If you cannot submit at all, then you will need to submit a request for mitigating circumstances. Requests have to be supported by documentary evidence and are considered by a panel of senior University staff.


Exceptional coursework extension

Please contact us if you require further information on exceptional coursework extension.

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