The essentials

How to access your timetable, student email account and student record

Welcome to the essentals series of our how-to videos – designed to help you get to grips with some of the key parts of univeristy life, including how to access your student email account, how to access your timetable and how to view your modules.

How to access your timetable

Accessing your timetable is essential – it's how you find out when your classes are. This video shows you how to log in, what your timetable looks like and who to ask if you're having problems.

Find out more about personal timetables and view yours.

How to access your student email account

This video will cover:

  • when you get access to your student email account
  • how to access your student email account
  • why it's important you regularly check your student email account
  • how to read, write and send emails including replying to all, bcc etc.

Find out more about your email account and log in

An introduction to Evision

You should already be a little familiar with Evision, having used the system to pre-enrol and enrol online. If you haven't yet ben through this process, please take a look at our enrolment information. This video will cover what else Evision is used for and show you how to make changes to your student record.

Find out more about Evision and log in.

How to access University software and systems remotely

If you're working off campus and want to access specific systems or software, RemoteLab and AppsAnywhere allow you to access University systems and software remotely – this video will show you how they work. 

Find out more information about AppsAnywhere and RemoteLab

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