Student Liaison

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Get the support you need to succeed, and make sure that nothing stands in the way of your attendance and success at London Met. 


London Met's Student Liaison team offers advice and support for students who experience challenges – whether personal or professional – to help you get the support you need to succeed in your studies.
If you are not engaging with, or you are struggling with, your studies, we can provide advice and guidance relating to academic and personal support available at London Met, as well as support services in your local area. We also provide coaching and mentoring to help you get back on track to achieve your goals.
If you are struggling with your studies, or there are circumstances hindering you from doing your best here at London Met, get in touch with the Student Liaison Team. 
You may get in touch with the Student Liaison Team by emailing, visiting the drop-ins in the Student Hub (see below), or asking your Student Hub for a referral to your Student Liaison Adviser.
Student Liaison Drop-ins are available in the Holloway Student Hub during term time. Drop-ins are not currently available.
During the summer period, students should contact to arrange an appointment with their Student Liaison Adviser. 
Attend a Student Liaison workshop to develop valuable skills to enable you to succeed in your studies. Workshops are offered during term time, and are advertised below and via Weblearn.
Keep an eye on your Weblearn calendar for more information, or email us to find out more on 
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