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Get the support you need to succeed, and make sure that nothing stands in the way of your attendance and success at London Met. 


London Met's Student Liaison team offers advice and support for students who experience challenges – whether personal or professional – to help you get the support you need to succeed in your studies.
If you are not engaging with, or you are struggling with, your studies, we can provide advice and guidance relating to academic and personal support available at London Met, as well as support services in your local area. We also provide coaching and mentoring to help you get back on track to achieve your goals.
If you are struggling with your studies, or there are circumstances hindering you from doing your best here at London Met, get in touch with the Student Liaison Team. 
You may get in touch with the Student Liaison Team by emailing, visiting the drop-ins in the Student Hub (see below), or asking your Student Hub for a referral to your Student Liaison Adviser.
Whilst the university is closed in response to the coronavirus you may be asked to speak with one of our teams using Microsoft Teams.

This is a communication tool that can be used to chat using text, audio or video. To use Microsoft Teams you will need to login using your student email address ( You can use Microsoft Teams via a web browser ( or downloading the app.

If you have any issues with MS Teams please contact our IT team.

  1. Talk to someone you trust if you feel worried, fearful or scared. If you don’t feel that you have anyone to talk to, charities like Samaritans or the Student Liaison Team.

  2. Offer support to friends if they seem worried. Share this article, point them in the direction of helpful resources, or simply be there to listen.

  3. Focus on what you can control, rather than what you can’t. Proper hand washing routines, social isolation and connecting virtually with loved ones are all things you can take ownership of.

  4. Schedule breaks from social media. It’s going to be tempting to check your phone every five minutes, but seeing constant updates will only add to feelings of anxiety. Try leaving your phone in a different room for a few hours, on silent, and only check trusted, reliable news sources.

  5. Create a bedtime routine. Shut off digital devices at least an hour before bed. Try something calming, like reading, to get you into a more relaxed frame of mind. Also important to have a structured day, where you set alarm to get up, get dressed and have a timetable of activities!!

  6. Stay in contact with elderly relatives. It’s normal to be worried about them right now, so reach out and show them you care. Send an email or pick up the phone. You could even write them a letter if they’re not so tech-savvy.

  7. Keep learning. Your tutors will do everything they can to make sure that you can keep learning at home. There are also lots of free resources online that you can explore. Weblearn is a good place to start.

  8. Keep enjoying yourself. Your uni week might have been peppered with clubs or gym sessions. Keep exercising, keep practising the piano (or trumpet, or guitar or sewing ... ), and consider picking up a new hobby or skill. Always wanted to learn Mandarin? Now’s the time!

  9. Try not to take on your parents’ worries. You might feel anxious about money, your parents’ job security or their health, but they will be receiving all the advice they need from trusted sources. It’s hard, but just focusing on keeping yourself well and happy, could be the biggest help to your parents right now.
From 23 March no drop-ins until further notice. Please check the University updates regarding when the University will re-open.
Student Liaison Drop-ins are available in the Holloway Student Hub from 9.30am until 12pm Monday to Friday during term time.

If you cannot make it during this time, please contact to arrange an appointment with your Student Liaison Adviser.

Be Well, Do Well!

From 5-7 May the Student Liaison Team and guests will be hosting a series of virtual workshops/Q&A sessions. 

These will help you to prepare for the end of year assessment period, by providing you with strategies to stay positive and achieve your best during this difficult time. 


Tuesday 5 May

12:00  Relaxation Q&A Enter Session Here

Practice and learn short relaxation techniques with the Student Liaison Team, to use during study and beyond.

13:00  Stressed? Learn de-stressing tools with a world leading performance expert (Guest Speaker: Dr. Phil Parker PhD, best-selling author) Enter Session Here

Dr. Phil Parker is a lecturer, clinician and innovator in the field of personal development.  He gained his PhD in the Psychology of Health. He is principal of the Phil Parker Training Institute and lectures at London Metropolitan University.  He has worked with performers at the highest level, including Premiership footballers, European Tour golfers, the British Olympic medical team. He has authored a number of papers and four books on coaching and health.

Are you stressed? Not sleeping well? Emotionally up and down? Feeling the pressure of studying and lockdown? Then take this opportunity to work with one of the world leading experts on stress, performance and health, Dr Phil Parker. In this interactive and practical session Phil will cover:

  • How to spot the less obvious signs of stress
  • How to stop feeling overwhelmed
  • How to stay calm in assessments


Wednesday 6 May

12:00    Time Management Q&A Enter Session Here

Get prepared for your end of year assessments by learning valuable strategies for improving your time management skills.

13:00  Achieve Your Best in a Time of Crisis (Guest Speaker: Nathan Ghann – Director, The Educate Group)  Enter Session Here

Hosted by the Student Liaison Team, LondonMet welcomes guest speaker Nathan Ghann. Nathan Ghann was selected at the House of Lords as one of the Top Ten Most Outstanding Graduates in the UK, and  is now Founder of The Educate Group. Nathan will be delivering his keynote outlining tips and advice on how to Achieve Your Best in a Time of Crisis. There will also be an opportunity to ask questions at the end of the talk. Nathan Ghann's story is one of tragedy and triumph, including many obstacles and challenges; he was averaging low grades. However he was able to turn it around and achieve a First-Class BA Honours Degree. Since then, Nathan has been on a mission to help as many students, to achieve their best grades, as possible.


Thursday 7 May

12:00    Motivation Q&A Enter Session Here

Find yourself putting things off? Learn how to quit procrastination and simple tips to keep you motivated.

13:00    Maintaining Your Wellbeing and Staying Positive Q&A Enter Session Here

Learn how to maintain your positive physical and psychological wellbeing in periods of high stress.

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