Healthy living

Activity should be a part of daily life... Our Active Lifestyles programme offers a wide range of classes, for students and staff.  From recreational to holistic, we have classes to help you relax, concentrate and stay active. 

For the full range of active lifestyle classes, please visit Fitness classes or say hello at the Sports Centre (Holloway Road).

Monday 1 May - Friday 17 May 2019

Are you in good health? Are you interested in ways to improve your overall wellbeing?  We can help! 

There will be stalls from Monday - Thursday at both Aldgate and Holloway campus to promote a variety of ways to encourage wellbeing in work and at home.  There will be plenty of information, so do please pop over and find out more.

Stalls include:
Student Liason team, DDS, Counselling and fresh fruit and water.

Monday 1pm–2pm 

Wednesday, 6.30pm–7.30pm 

Friday, 1pm–2pm

Sports Centre, main gym (Science Centre, Holloway campus) 

All sessions are 20-minute slots

Tuesday, 12.30pm–1.00pm Sports Hall, Science Centre (Holloway campus)

Wednesday, 12.45pm–1.00pm The Wash Houses, Calcutta House (Aldgate campus) 

Thursday, 12pm-12.45pm Sports Hall, Science Centre (Holloway campus) 

Friday, 12pm–12.45pm Sports Hall, Science Centre (Holloway campus)

Monday, 1-2pm, The Wash Houses, Calcutta House (Aldgate campus)

Monday and Tuesday, 1pm–1.45pm Dance studio (Holloway campus) 

Wednesday, 5.30pm–6.30pm Dance studio (Holloway campus)

Wednesday, 12pm–12.45pm, Dance studio (Holloway campus) 

Thursday, 1pm-1.45pm, Dance studio (Holloway campus)

Escape your desk and explore Highbury! Monday and Wednesday, 1pm.  A 30-minute energetic guided walk. Meet outside the Science Centre (Holloway campus)

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