Switch Off

Being 'eco-friendly' may sometimes seem complicated, time-consuming or expensive, but doing this action is outrageously simple: turn off the lights!

During the Academic Year, we run three main Switch Off campaigns to encourage every on to turn off the lights and equipment.

Christmas and Easter Switch Offs

All staff and students are reminded of their shut down responsibilities before holidays to prevent unnecessary energy waste. 

We have created resources advertising the London Met Christmas and Easter switch offs and encourage everyone to use these.

Christmas switch off poster

Switch off checklist for offices (Christmas)

Easter switch off poster

Switch off checklist for offices (Easter)

Projector Switch Off 

Projector Switch Off campaign is all year campaign for staff and students to continue to reduce the amount of energy consumed and reach higher goals within the sustainability. 

The Sustainability Team in conjunction with Information and Technology Services has created a video to promote and explain the importance of saving energy for the environment and for the economics of the university. This video is specifically aimed at reducing energy consumption by reminding staff and students to turn off display projectors after use.

Watch our video and learn how to switch off!

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