Individual Examination Arrangements

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London Metropolitan University aims to ensure that all students have the opportunity to demonstrate the achievement of learning outcomes in examinations and that any barriers presented due to their disability are removed. The Disabilities and Dyslexia Service put in place a range of bespoke adjustments which will ensure that equitable exam conditions are provided for students with a disability or difficulty.

If you have a diagnosed disability or difficulty that is likely to impact upon your exam performance then you can apply for Individual Exam Arrangements. This includes;

students with a disability as defined under the Equality Act (2010)
students with a Specific Learning Difficulty (SpLD) 

We are also able to recommend Individual Exam Arrangements for tempory illnesses or injuries such as a broken arm. Students should contact the DDS to meet with a DDS Adviser to discuss their needs and provide appropriate medical evidence. Temporary Individual Exam Arrangements apply to individual exam periods. 

Students are assessed according to their needs and in light of the supporting medical evidence. Arrangements are bespoke and will vary from student to student. Arrangements may include some of the following;

Use of a computer
Coloured overlays
25% extra time

and occasionally;

A scribe or amanuensis
A reader
Additional time for rest breaks

The arrangements will reflect your normal method of working and will aim to ensure barriers to exams presented by your disability are removed. They are not designed to give you an advantage or impact upon the integrity of the exam.

Students should register with the DDS so that all aspects of support can be considered, including appropriate Individual Exam Arrangements. Contact the DDS well before the examination period as you will need to meet with a Disability Adviser to be assessed. In the appointment, your Disability Adviser will review your documentary evidence and discuss appropriate examination arrangements with you.

You will need to provide the following;

Recent (within the last 12 months) medical evidence outlining the nature of your diagnosis and the impact on your studies
A post 16 Educational Psychologist diagnostic report for SpLD

Students must apply to DDS for examination arrangements ahead of the exam periods. Students must submit an IEA request form (previously called an M1 form) ahead of each examination period confirming that you will be sitting forthcoming exams and that you require your arrangements to be put into place. 

To complete your IEA request log into Evision and complete the IEA request task. This will be available shortly. Do not worry, the DDS will send an email reminder to submit you IEA request form. 


You must submit your M1 forms to the exams office for 2018/19 by:


January exams - submit by 11th December 2018

May exams - submit by 12th April 2019

Retake period - submit by 27th June 2019  


IEA request deadlines for LPC exams

February exams - submit by 4th February 2019

June exams -submit by 20th May 2019

Resit Exams - submit by 13th August 2019


IEA request deadlines for CPE exams

June exams - submit by 24th May 2019

Resit exams - submit by 29th July 2019


In addition to this, you will also need to ensure that you have been assessed and submitted suitable medical evidence to the DDS by;

January exams - 4th December 2018 

May exams - 5th April 2019 

Retake period - 20th June 2019

However, if for whatever reason you do not make the deadline for the forthcoming exams you should still go to DDS to be assessed as your provision will then be in place for your future exams.

If you have a permanent disability or difficulty, your arrangements will remain in place for the duration of your course at the University.  

If you had an arrangement as an undergraduate and you are returning as a postgraduate or to another mode or course of study, you will need to reapply. You may need to provide new supporting evidence.

Individual Exam Arrangements are stated in your Individual Needs Assessment Report (INAR) which can be viewed on Evision.

Disabilities and Dyslexia Service (DDS) contact details

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+44 (0)20 7133 2188

9:00am to 5:00pm 

Monday to Friday

Learning Centre

236–250 Holloway Road
London N7 6PP

Room: LC2-06

Appointments are also available at:

Aldgate Campus

Calcutta House

Old Castle Street

London E1 7NT

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