Sustainable IT

9% of our carbon savings have come through information communication technology (ICT) upgrades and improvements. We have worked hard to reduce our environmental impact through ICT usage and continue to look at new ways we can work.

Some of the projects we have implemented are:

  • Print centralisation programme – reducing number of printers from 2000 to 200
  • Use of “Follow me” printers so staff and students need to present ID card to print
  • Use Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) accredited paper and some printers have started to use 75% recycled paper
  • Installed new materials recovery facilities (MRFs) which have three levels of power saving – they learn the time of day people print so wake themselves up at this time
  • Recycle toner cartridges
  • Automatic shut down on PCs which is adjusted for term and recess time
  • PCs constructed locally in St Albans
  • Purchasing Energy Star compliant computers
  • Presence detectors on monitors
  • Working with our delivery company to group computers to reduce amount of deliveries required
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